Sunday, May 24, 2009

Evaluate the Trustworthiness of News Media

How can you know what to believe about world events? How can you evaluate the trustworthiness of news media? Apply these points:

1. Look at everything from God's overview. Bible prophecy reveals the trends to keep an eye on - the directions this world is heading. You need to compare what is said of world conditions with what Bible prophecy says. For more information on what issues and trends are important, you may write for our free brochure Introduction to Prophecy.

Focus on the big picture - the grand sweep of world events - rather than on isolated events or temporary conditions. The Bible reveals what to look for in these fast-changing days! And The Plain Truth discusses them monthly.

2. Choose media wisely. As we've seen, not all news sources are equal-and none, except the Bible, which gives you news in advance through its prophecies, is infallible.

So read widely. Look at all points of view and evaluate information based on the Bible's laws and principles. Look for publications and broadcasts that offer depth, not sensationalism or quick, easy solutions.

Realize that journalists often have their own agendas, and that they sometimes inject those points of view into supposedly objective reports, even in major, well-respected media. Be a skeptical reader-viewer. Look for constructive, positive analysis rather than personal gossip, cynical writing, wild theories and superstitions.

3. Ask God to show you the truth that is greater than journalistic truth. Jesus told his followers, "If you abide in My shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free" (John 8:31-32).

Yes, if you begin to live the truth that the Bible teaches, you will begin to know where world events are heading, and you will be free-free from fear of the future, free from uncertainty about how you should conduct your life, free from the danger of being dragged down with this morally and spiritually deteriorating world.

Can you believe the media? Not always. Can you believe God? With absolute certainty.

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