Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dhea Anissa/Dhea Imut Girl Sexy Beautiful Hot Artist Video Foto Porn Bugil

Biodata Dhea Anissa/Dhea Imut, profil and biography :
Full name : Dhea Anissa
Real name : Claudia Annisa
Nick name/celeb name : Dhea Imut
Sex : Female
Religion : Islam
Place of birth : Jakarta, Indonesia
Date of birth : February 29, 1996
Mother’s name : Masayu Chairani
Father’s name : Indra Kusuma

Dhea Imut that has the full name is Claudia Anissa cilik former stars who now go adolescents. Dara, who was born in Jakarta, 29 February 1996 this career in the entertainment world since the age of two years. When the ad headline Dhea diaper baby. After that many ads are flooding the bid daughter pair Indra Kusuma and Masayu Chairani this.

Name Imut obtained Dhea after joining the Three Bocah Imut and had released an album of children. Debut sinetron Dhea is pennon HUMAN MILLENNIUM. Name after the melejit Bidadari 3 star sinetron. Sinetron others who have, among other starring weeping stepchild, honor, MUTIARA, and guard the heart.

Sinetron MUTIARA players that had problems with the production house, SinemArt back into public debate in 2009. Dhea has news to sell keperawanannya boss SinemArt, Leo Sutanto. Ibunda Dhea will hold a press meet.

Dhea Imut gets porn videos. Being public figures or celebrities are vulnerable to the gossip that is not imposed for the artist. Masayu Chairany, Dhea mother, do not expect to be struck down if Dhea gosip kegadisannya sell for a sinetron. Not limited only to issues only, but it also worsened with the video showing the face of porn actors female is similar to Dhea.

According to Rani, call her so, herself had observed that when the digosipkan with hot photos and video. And that, we realize by Rani, making them consider the direction which the daughter will be affected if the gossip is less fun. But Rani does not expect at all if at the age of 13 years Dhea already made one like this.

"When I watch the artists who made the previous Dhea like this, I can corroborate myself. My child will teenagers. But do not expect at all akan Dhea when as soon as this new age of 13 years," said Rani

"Recently akhil baliq directly get news like this. But I take hikmahnya, in fact this is a risk artists. This work barbarian searching for the illicit money. But if this please make rich, make artists that porno-porno never mind, "Rani connect time in the Polda Metro Jaya, Jakarta. After the issue of fictitious news and video hot Dhea similar circulating on the internet. Ibunda Dhea, Rani Dhea assert that the parties will not close or self-selective if there are journalists or fans who want photos Dhea, because it Dhea obligations as public figures to serve.

"I can not say selective. Dhea Imut itukan The problem is, if it does not serve all the peers have been more wrong kaminya. If it does not serve fans spelled proud. Wait things like that, this is going, so that the image Dhea or so," said Rani.

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