Thursday, June 18, 2009

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Bodata Gita Gutawa, profil and biography cewek cute singer hot artist Indonesia :
Full name : Aluna Sagita Gutawa
Nick name : Gita
Sex : Female
Religion : Islam
Pace of birth : Jakarta, Indonesia
Date of birth : August 11, 1993

Aluna Sagita Gutawa or more familiar with Gita Gutawa, born in Jakarta, August 11,1993. She is a pop singer, that deepens the still music since childhood, because she is herself was the daugther of composer and vocalist Erwin Gutawa.

Gita which also has many achievements in academics, the ever duet with Donny, ADA Band vocalist in the track for the song Yang Terbaik Bagimu. She also had berduet with performers sholawat Hadad Alwi, in the album Jalan Cinta 2.

In the age to 13-year hymn titled album was released Gita GAUTAWA (self title). In the album of songs that did not want the name of her father's greatness double up that carries one of the songs of Sarah Silaban, with Andi Rianto and Pink-Pink.

Album sales girl who stars in demand as a model of successful advertising reach with the Platinum Awards for selling over 150 thousand copies in just 4 weeks. It was then delivers herself as Penyanyi Pendatang Baru Terbaik and Album Terbaik AMI Award in 2008.

Girls that just reaching the top general in the 6th International Nile Children Song Festival (INCSF) in Cairo, Egypt, the world acting also tried through short sinetron AJARI AKU CINTA and AJARI LAGI AKU CINTA. Despite many offers, songs that are she still busy this school does not develop many her talent in the world acting.

Thanks to the sound her sopran, Gita was choosing carries the film soundtrack. Included the soundtrack for the film and film LOVE and fenomenal film , Laskar PELANGI. Singer of single song Yang Terbaik Bagimu joint for Ada Band is also starring various ad headline ads in demand, including Indomie, Conello Walls ice cream and Pond's.

Success of the album, in 2009 will launch the newest the album Gita “Harmony CINTA”. On this album, Gita many involved in it, with the color of the music more varied. Even the album with 12 songs, will have a track creation Gita. According to the plan, this album circulating in April 2009.

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