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Marshanda Girl Sexy Beautiful Hot Artist Cewek of Indonesia

Biodata Marshanda, profil and biography :
Full name : Marshanda
Nick name : Chacha
Sex :Female
Religion : Islam
Place of birth : Jakarta, Indonesia
Date of birth : August 10, 1989
Mother's name : Riyanti Sofyan
Father's name : Irwan Yusuf.

Marshanda born in Jakarta, August 10, 1989. The pretty virgin is familiar called chacha this time rebound as Lala in sinetron Bidadari, with Marini Zumarnis as peri mother. Success with the Bidadari I, again Chacha star Bidadari II, but only up to episode 104. Meanwhile, for 98 episodes next Chacha position is replaced with other player that problems between Marshanda and the Multivision Plus.

After Bidadari, a line of sinetron stared Marshanda, such as "Keluargaku Mata Hatiku, Kisah Sedih Di Hari Minggu, Kisah Kasih Di Sekolah, Kisah Kasih Di Sekolah II, Adam dan Hawa, Manis dan Sayang", and two wide-screen film, "Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris" in the form of VCD and "Petualangan 100 Jam" with Joshua.

Not only in akting, eldest child of three brothers pair Irwan Yusuf and Riyanti Sofyan also involved in several landing compilation albums, such as religious album "Allah Yang Kucintai (2002), Best Of Female Idol, Broken Heart, Now and Forever, Dua Belas Lagu Islami Terbaik", and also two solo albums "Bidadari and Marshanda" (2005).

While still aged 3-4 years, the stars with the zodiac Leo also lived in Semarang, precisely in the near the campus Plemburan Undip, while her father still worked about two years in Semarang.

Chacha-Marshanda initiated her career in the advertising world since grade 1 primary school chance, at that time chacha accompany Chintya Rustam aunt (a former Lux soap ads model) to the bureau ad Citra Lintas.

Until there, Chacha was casting, and finally, a small Chacha selected as headline ad to Danamon Bank. Next stars overshadow fortune Chacha, a number of ad stared by her both TV ads and print media, including "Filma, Cadbury Eclairs, Supermi Ayam Bawang, Es Mony, Tango Wafer, Chicken Nuggets, Carvil Millenium, and Susu Bendera".

For academic affair, Chacha not like the students who truant because syuting. The presenter events Fantasiana in the Trans TV, pass SLTP study the UAN with the value 2.3, even in 2004, Marshanda received an award "The Most Brilliant Person Award" at 2004 Asian coincides with the National Education Day on May 3rd,2004 to be Ambassador and the Environment in 2006.

To love affair, girl with shio serpent has a close relationship with Baim Wong at the time they are together the star sinetron "Benci Bilang Cinta". Once separated from Baim, Chacha make love with VJ MTV, Ben Kasyafani.

The beginning of the year 2009, Marshanda who has inherited a hotel of this her grandfather, again demonstrate the ability her akting on the big screen in the film "Kalau Cinta Jangan Cengeng".

In the role, which is always polite, will little change in the film by Monty Tiwa direction. This time she served as a habitue drugs. By the promo album that will release in 2009, Marshanda is willing to change appearance. She was willing blonde her hair black colour.

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