Monday, June 29, 2009

Michael Jackson: He’s Gone the King of Pop

Biodata Michael Jackson, profile and biography of the king of pop:
Michael Jackson has a full name Michael Joseph Jackson was born in the city of Gary, Indiana, USA, 29 August 1958. He was known as the people of the world King of Pop. He is the son of the seventh pair of Walter Joseph 'Joe' and Katherine Esther.

One of the best entertainer in the world music movement with the famous Moonwalk its already piawai singing since he was still the age of 5 years. The official, Michael started his career at age 12 years.

Together with his brothers, Michael formed The Jackson Five. Menyanyinya with a great talent, no wonder if Michael diserahi task as the vocalist. This group immediately became popular in the 1970s-era.

In early 1980, Michael became a very popular figure in world music and pop music crossover African-American. Some of them were the famous hitsnya Beat It, Bllie Jean, Black or White, and Scream are making the meroket popularity.

Also in 1980, media attention is to the change in skin color that Michael brown fade into the pale keputihan. Gossip circulating that Michael uses to skin whitener. But not long after, Michael was a disease vitiligo, lupus, and make the skin sensitive to sunlight terpaan.

With the extraordinary talents of the Michael has received many prestigious awards. Some of the album became album terlaris in the world. Selling album up to now believed to not less than 750 million albums worldwide and make Michael as part of a popular pop culture for four decades.

During his career in the world of entertainment, Michael has spent 10 of the album Got to Be There (1972), Ben (1972), Music and Me (1973), Forever, Michael (1975), Off the Wall (1979), Thriller (1982) , Bad (1987), Dangerous (1991), History (1995) and Invicible (2001). Album Thrillernya believed as terlaris album in the world throughout history.

But behind the success in the entertainment world who achieve the life of many private Michel Jackson invite controversy. Many menyakini, since small, Michael often get haphazard treatment of the father. This impact on the physical and mental when Michael himself adults.

In the event an Oprah Winfrey, Michael openly confessed that he often little time to cry in the loneliness and pain, and even began to vomit while viewing his father's presence.

In 1993 to 1994, the world's attention to Michael tersita in case of sexual harassment faces. He was accused of sexual harassment to children aged 13 years named named Evan Chandler and his father, Evan Chandler. Various cases that befall him, was believed to undermine the wealth of the King of Pop. He even believed to have financial problems in recent years.(from various sources)


  1. iiLyhu MJ R.I.P yhu wil alwayz be in Our heartz nd mindz THE KING OF POP!!!
    yhu wil be mizzd byy us!!!


  2. R.I.P Michael Jackson the king of pop
    to all those people in the world that hated Michael i hope your happy and you should be cursed or something for saying or thinking that he was the bets and hes better than all of you!!!
    Michaeel Jackson 4eva n alwayz
    MJ will alwayz be in my mind and heart ♥♥♥
    1 important thing michael jackson WAS not GAY!!! 29th August 1958 - 25th June 2009

  3. I LOVE YOU MICHAEL JACKSON... Hope you''ll rest in peace in heaven... Eventhough you're gone but you are always in my heart... You're the greatest legend of all...I LOVE YOU KING OF POP!!

  4. Cyntia in meLody said,,..

    Love you michael.. Whatever you are, you stay have place in my heart ... I believe you..
    ~in heaven happily~

  5. I LOVE U MJ...

  6. u will live 4eva Michael, my love...

  7. I love you to much!!!

  8. the king in my heart