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Rezky Aditya Actor Cowok Sexy Hot Artist Foto Video Bugil

Biodata Rezky Aditya, profil and biography macho actor of Indonesia :
Full name : Rezky Aditya
Nick name/celeb name : Rezky
Sex : Male
Religion : Islam
Place of birth : Jakarta, Indonesia
Date of birth : February 26, 1985
Hobbies: Playing Basketball

Rezky Aditya is one of the new stars that attract attention. Direct role in getting two stripping sinetron, Cinderella and Luna make a face no longer strangers and quickly recognized by the public.

Name actors birth Jakarta, February 26, 1985 is so shining when be main role in the sinetron Suci and Melati Untuk Marvel.

Rezky already was starring in some sinetron that has the headline rating big enough, among the Sinetron Cinderella with starring Cinta Laura, Sinetron Suci who starring by Bunga Zaenal, and Sinetron Melati Untuk Marvel who starring by Chelsea Olivia.

Young Actor's career Rezky Aditya start with the capital appear to face a stacked and his akting, sinetron its starring with Cinta Laura has great success with the first of sinetron Rezky Aditya. Sinetron even after this bid was coming.

Although busy with sinetron chase each run, but for Rezky education remains one of the priorities in his life. Evidence he is committed to promptly complete the studies in the Industrial Engineering Department University of Bina Nusantara.

Rezky ever play in the sinetron “Benci Jadi Cinta, Peluk Aku 3 Menit, and Putri” this start to try the world big screen. This opportunity came in early 2009. He was a role in the film “Suka Sama Suka”.

In Sinetron Melati Untuk Marvel, Rezky get the same success in several sinetron previously, with the role as Marvel, children ‘cuek’ and ‘selengekan’. Rezky any claim to enjoy the role as similar to a life of its own personality. Because of his attract akting in “Melati Untuk Marvel” that is, he enter into any Panasonic Awards nominations in the favorit actors category.

Log In list nominator Panasonic Award recipients are likely to be good news and bad news at once for Rezky Aditya. The good news, for the first time Rezky entry in the list nominator. One achievement that should rightfully proud of course. Bad news he must had to head with Teuku Wisnu in the same category. Rezky also submit to.

"Alhamdulillah, I can not take incoming nominations. This is for the first time for me. In fact, if Wisnu does not have the same competition. We are with friends," he said. Added by Rezky when found in Plaza Senayan, Wednesday (25 / 3), if for instance Wisnu who win because the opponent play in the film SMS because his akting the better of him.

"While I still have a lot of their own learning," he said rather pessimistic. "I do not pessimistic," he said in disagreement. "If we win I accept, also does not lose anything. And I have no special preparation for this."

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