Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shireen Sungkar Profil Biography Girl Sexy Model Sinetron Star Artist Hot Foto Video Picture

Biodata Shireen Sungkar, profil and biography sexy girl sinetron star hot artist Indonesia :
Full name : Shireen Sungkar
Nick name : Shireen Sungkar
Sex : Female
Religion : Islam
Place of birth : Jakarta, Indonesia
Date of birth : January 28, 1992
Mother’s name : Fenny Bauty
Father’s name : Mark Sungkar

Shireen Sungkar is an acting star Indonesia, which is famous for her role as Fitri in sinetron CINTA FITRI. Shireen which is the second child of three sisters pair artist Mark Sungkar and Fenny Bauty is never become sinetron star “Bukan Diriku” together Baim Wong, followed by her starring the sinetron “Wulan” with Dhini Aminarti.

However, the girl was born in Jakarta, 28 January 1992 is considered a new rapid rebound after the headline CINTA FITRI. In addition, popularize the party Tengku Wisnu star too, with his role as Farrel. Last girlfriend a sinetron player Adly Fairuz this, starring a sinetron “DooBee Doo” with the role as Sherina Victoria.

In demand as a sinetron star, make Shireen not quick satisfied herself. Together with the sister, Zaskia Sungkar, Shireen tried world drag voice with the form duo vocal , The Sisters. The first album, they were given the title of THE JOURNEY OF LOVE which was released in 2008 with a single blade “Keajaiban Cinta”.

Shireen is stabilizing role of her career in Indonesia. She was selected as the winner in the Favorite Actress Panasonic Award event held on March 27, 2009. End of May 2009, after the holidays Shireen was looking blank porno video circulating news similar herself. Shireen already own to give a statement, if that is in the video is not herself, which only someone like herself.

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