Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wulan Guritno Women Sexy Artist Hot Foto Telanjangs

Biodata Wulan Guritno, profil and biography :
Full name : Wulan Guritno
Nick name : Wulan
Sex : Female
Religion : Islam
Place of birth : London
Date of birth : April,14,1980

Wulan Guritno born in London, April 14, 1980, known as an artist as well as star model. Some sinetron have staring, among them, “Dilarang Jatuh Cinta, Terpikat, Mencintaimu, Dua Hati Menyatu”, in addition to starring the big screen movie star.

Wulan own is a wife former star celebrities Attila Syach, was the daughter of one of their marriage. Women-breed Java-English, the next for a relationship with the national car racer Ananda Mikola, but in the end their relationship separate.

Now movie stars “Gie, Kejar Jakarta, Janji Joni, Naga Bonar Jadi 2, and Otomatis Romantis” this is a relationship with Adilla Dimitri. In the near future mothers of this Shaloom will toward dais on which the bridal couple sits.

In addition to be in front of the screen, Wulan began work away behind the screen, which is a film director. This is a prime the first sound of light popping Wulan as director. The movies include indie film titled “Bidan Lelaki”.

Not only in the career in the world akting, Wulan also penetrated the world with political progress as a potential legislative of the “Partai Amanat Nasional”. Unfortunately, she had the hands tied problem her diploma. Finally, she chose not to move back and exchange caleg.

Relationship love affair with Adilla have entered a new phase. Together Adilla, Wulan steady step gateway to marriage. She has experienced failure in the previous marriage, both in the wedding, Wulan more careful, especially, Wulan has a daughter, Shaloom.

Finally on Friday, March 27, 2009 Wulan official release her widow status, with taked in marriage by Adilla, her boyfriend. Marriage settlement procession took place in the residence with Wulan dowry of prayer tool. Sementara resepsi pernihakannya akan digelar di JCC pada bulan April setelahnya. While the wedding reception was held in April in JCC after it.

After marriage, the career of Wulan growing increases. This was proven to launch the second film after she married Adilla. Two films is “Rasa and Bukan Cinta Biasa”. Kedua film ini rilis di tahun 2009. Second release of this film in 2009.

After coming from the honeymoon, that happiness is not received by Wulan she should even gossip about the porn video circulating on the internet. Finally Wulan and her husband, Adilla feel necessary to do the press conferences.

In the video that shows a similar video Wulan with people with similar her former boyfriend, Ananda Mikola. However, both celeb has disputed the newspaper is not tasty.

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