Friday, July 31, 2009

Chintyara Alona Bugil Sexy Artist Hot Foto Video Naked

The film 'Paku Kuntilanak', had Chintyara Alona bugil melakoni shooting magazine for adult men, a few years ago. Because of the image is outstanding, Chintyara Alona was expelled from the house.

"I am expelled from the house because of the photos in Playboy is a leak," she said when found in the FX Plaza, Jl. Jend Sudirman, South Jakarta, Selasa (28/7/2009).

Not only expelled from the house, Chintyara receive any outcry from her family. Even Chintyara’s father had experienced stress.

Stars 'Setan Budeg' 'claim that the posing without clothes during a session of shooting. However, when it is displayed in magazines, foto-foto Chintyara not too vulgar.

"Pemotretannya in the nude, but not until magazine so," he explained. Chintyara the image is released in several Asian countries. Of them, in Singapore, Japan and Thailand.

Chintyara Alona, oily but sexy. For the model that never appear without clothes for a male magazine publication outside the country, keseksian physical appearance that someone is not keseksian indeed.

The model, Chintyara Alona, keseksian think that the truth of oneself in someone. "Menurutku, the sexy of the personality, so that out for itself," said the new film Ku Tunggu Jandamu this.

She also claim does not sexy. But, she said, "Many people my face is sexy"

To face, she was diligent in salon treatment. "Type oily face. So, I often, once a two-day, facial, mask, cream and two days once in the salon," explained. At the salon, she also always cared clutches of the hands and feet.

This is her, the action sexy stars' Paku Kuntilanak 'Chintyara Alona. The quiet, Chintyara Alona never bugil act in the men's adult magazine Playboy.

Chintyara that was expelled from the house because of the outstanding photos bugilnya.

Appearance sexy Alona not contrived, but from the heart.

Recently, she also will appear in the horror movie section 'Paku Kuntilanak' with Hollywood stars, Heather Storm.


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