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Julie Estelle Girl Sexy Artist Hot Foto Video Bugil in Bikini

Biodata Julie Estelle, profil and biography beautiful actress of Indonesia :
Full name : Julie Estelle Gasnier
Real name : Julie Estelle
Nick name/celeb name : Julie
Sex : Female
Height : 170 cm
Place of birth : Jakarta, Indonesia
Date of birth : January 04, 1989
Mother’s name : Hilda Limbara
Father’s name : Thierry Gasnier

Julie Estelle was born in Jakarta on 4 January 1989. Julie career, so called normal, starting from the photo model and then crawl to the big screen movie. As a photo model, Julie's "sensational" is appearing in the Indonesian version of Playboy magazine.

The emergence of the magazine that has a market of adults, up to now invite controversial. One of them, Julie must participate in trail and follow up review of a socio-religious organization.

Meanwhile, as a film star, MTV VJ uterus sister, Cathy Sharon, has been the film star the Alexandria with Fachri Albar and Marcel Chandrawinata. Next she is starring the film DEALOVA, and the newest film, a horror film director Rizal Mantovani referrals, Kuntilanak.

Julie is their own children Thierry Gasnier and Hilda Limbara, bloody pair French and Manado –China.

Women who enter nominations Most Favorite Rising Star MTV through the film Alexandria, now the middle of a relationship with the national racer Seoprapto Moreno, who is also younger brother of Ananda Mikola.

The movie stars of Macabre then has reporting center near the former paramour Dian Sastrowardoyo, Abi Yapto. However, eventually Julie oppugn together with Abi.

Julie Estelle Gasnier (born in Jakarta on 4 January 1989; age 20 years) is a photo model, the ad stars, and actress of Indonesia. The descendants girls of French, Menado, Tionghoa known since this began playing in the film Alexandria (2005), which is also the first film. Through this film, Julie reach nominated Most Favorite Rising Star MTV.

Julie previously more active as a photo model. Other films that have been starring sister uterus VJ Cathy Sharon is Dealova, Kuntilanak and Selamanya. In addition to become a photo model, she also had starring video clips Matta Band.

Controversy Case Playboy Magazine. Girls who have high body 170 cm has involved case law as reported by Islam Defenders Front (FPI) on 18 July 2006 because they have committed immoral acts. The report related to the photographs of herself in the third edition of Playboy magazine version of a published early July 2006.

Case bikini photos Julie Estelle and Moreno Soeprapto. At the beginning of the year 2008, the last perilisan trilogy Kuntilanak, public taken aback by circulating photos Julie with a bikini. Julie is also considered as the image is still in reasonable extent as is done on the beach with my family and large her boyfriend, Moreno Soeprapto. In mid-year 2008, the relationship Julie Moreno-ended.

Education. Julie graduated in June 2007 from the International Lycée Français de Jakarta (French school in Jakarta).

• Alexandria (2005)
• Dealova (2005)
• Kuntilanak (2006)
• Kuntilanak 2 (2007)
• Selamanya (2007)
• Kuntilanak 3 (2008)
• Macabre (Maut Kian Genap) (2009)

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