Monday, July 13, 2009

Khrisna Mukti Profil Biografy Actor Sexy Hot Foto Video Gay Bugil

Biodata Khrisna Mukti, profile and biography actor sexy of Indonesia :
Full name : Khrisna Mukti
Nick name / celeb name : Khrisna
Sex : Male
Religion : Islam
Place of birth : Jakarta, Indonesia
Date of birth : 05 February 1969

Khrisna Mukti, known as the star sinetron and advertising model Indonesia. Appearance popular until now, as the star model dishwasher products, the ads are often shown on television.

Meanwhile, as the birth of male stars sinetron Jakarta, 5 February 1969, the famous role as the Bayu in sinetron Aku Ingin Pulang with Moudy Koesnaedi. In addition, the role also as Ardi antagonisnya in CINTA BERKALANG Noda.

Now alumnus Dutch Literature at the University of Indonesia (UI) is became carry a program of the reality show, the Nikah Gratis broadcast on RCTI. Besides, until now, his campaign is also a minister by a hand-washing soap health products.

As celebrities, Khrisna condition that until now often be invited responses italics, including the issue of gay men as' reluctant 'close to the women.

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