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List of Names Jakarta Bomb Victims

The namelist of Jakarta bomb victims :

In brief:
Victims killed: 9 people
Victims injured: 53 people
Total: 62

Where the victims come from:

Foreign national: 16 people
Indonesian: 37 people

Hospitals the Injured Victims are treated:

RS MMC hospital: 15 people (7 foreign national; 8 Indonesian)
RS JAKARTA hospital: 10 people (no details on nationality)
RS PERTAMINA hospital: 2 people (1 foreign national; 1 Indonesian)

Details on Foreign National Victims

USA : 6 people
Australia : 1 person
The Netherlands : 2 persons
Canada : 2 persons
India : 1 person
South Korea : 2 persons
New Zealand : 1 person
Norway : 1 person

Names of nine victims who’s been killed both in Ritz Carlton and JW Marriott Jakarta
1. Timothy David Mackay (male, 61 tahun) from New Zealand
2. Natan Verity (male, 39 tahun) from Australia
3. Gath Mc Voc (male, 40 tahun) from Australia
4. Arnold, male, Singapore
5. Darmanto, male, Indonesian citizen.
6. female (yet to be identified along with the other three)

Namelist of Jakarta bom victims who were injured and treated at Jakarta Hospitals

1. Adrianto Machribi, foreign national treated at RS Medistra hospital Jakarta
2. Andrew Stuart Cobhan, foreign national treated at RS Medistra hospital Jakarta
3. Catur Rindu, Indonesia
4. Cho Ing Sang, South Korea
5. Dadang Hidayat, Indonesia, treated at RS Pusat Pertamina hospital.
6. Gary Ford, USA, treated at Singapore
7. Giovanni ME Suhardi, Indonesia
8. Gusti Agung Ray, Indonesia
9. Gusti Ayu darsi, Indonesia
10. Hui Bosco Keung, South Korea
11. Jame Makebba, foreign national
12. James Castle, USA
13. Janter Rusmanto, foreign national
14. Kevin More, USA
15. Linda, warga Indonesia
16. Marico Asmarawati Z, Indonesia
17. Max Boon, The Netherlands
18. Meliana, Indonesia
19. Noke Kiroyan, Indonesia
20. Oki Utomo, Indonesia
21. Peter Van Wesel, The Netherlands
22. Putra, Indonesia
23. Regi Aalstad, Norway
24. Rinaldi Damanik, Indonesia
25. Sarah, Indonesia
26. Scott Miriles, Australia
27. Shewa Aukita, India
28. Simon Pevral Lowes, USA
29. Sudargo, Indonesia
30. William, Indonesia
31. Yoga Purwanto, Indonesia
32. Yunita Kartika Sari, Indonesia
33. Yurike Martiningrum, Indonesia
34. Yusuf Purnomo, Indonesia

Names of victims who are treated at RS Jakarta Hospital
1. Sidik Maulana (m/21), Indonesian,.
2. Aryo (M/31), Indonesian.
3. Edward Thielsen (male, Canada), has been shifted to RS Pertamina hospital.
4. David Potter (male, USA) currently treated at RS Medistra hospital.
5. Deni Purwanto (male, Indonesian).
6. Adri Tirta (male /23/ Indonesian).
7. Dikdik Ahmad Taufik (m/39/Indonesian).
8. Dewi Lestari (female/22/ Indonesian).
9. Ririn (female/25/Indonesian).
10. Henri (male/39/Indonesian).
11. Sahman (m/27/Indonesian).
12. Choirul Anam (male/24/Indonesian).
13. M. Roni (male/35/Indonesian).
14. Wahidul Kohar (male/32/Indonesia).
15. Bambang Yulianto (male, 31/ Indonesia).
16. Endang Setyawan (male, 30, Indonesia).
(From various sources)
Visiting bomb blasts location: Australian Foreign Minister Stephen Smith visits on Sunday the JW Marriot hotel in South Jakarta, where the bomb blasts occurred on Friday.

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