Monday, July 27, 2009

Niken Anjani Girl Sexy Artist Hot Foto Video Bugil

Biodata Niken Anjani, profil and biography beautiful actress of Indonesia :
Full name : Niken Anjani
Real name : Niken Anjani
Nick name/celeb name : Niken
Sex : Female
Place of birth : Jakarta, Indonesia
Date of birth : 18 August 1987

Niken Anjani is a video clip stars model, sinetron akting and the big screen. Women born in Jakarta, 18 August 1987 it decided to enter the world of entertainment with a number of casting the role since early 2007.

Originally Niken, claim to take only friends in the casting, before then herself also casting. Where FTV AKU BUKAN CINDERELLA be entering the early akting herself. Although only get adjuvant role.

The next opportunity came on time to get a bid to become a model videoklip. Until then a reliable model for the music video clip Samsons group ((Penghujung Muda) and Nine Ball Band (Hingga Akhir Waktu).

Student Public Relations Department, The London School, Jakarta then have the opportunity to play on the big screen. Opportunity came, though only for Cameo role in the film KAWIN KONTRAK.

Niken now involved in the film both the big screen, DO (Drop Out), which also starring Titi Kamal. Niken in this film got the role as Niken Tiluh, a student of court with a male transvestite.

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  1. zah_ril_coy@yahoo.comSunday, 20 September, 2009

    nik U q' mw sih beradegan mesrah sama ricky harun.....?