Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nurdin Aziz or Nur Hasbi, suspected Marriot bomber

The police identified the man as Nurdin Aziz. A man carrying a backpack on his chest and lugging a suitcase toward Hotel Marriot's lounge shortly before the explosion on Friday is likely the one who stayed at room 1808.

The police found an un-detonated bomb in the room, but the police refused to give further confirmation. reported Sunday that the police were still identifying the bodies of the suicide bombers, and therefore, they could not give further details.
"We are still investigating this," Police spokesman Insp. Gen. Nanan Soekarna.
Sydney Jones, director of International Crisis Group, suspected that the man identified as Nurdin Aziz is actually Nur Hasbi, a member of a terror group led by fugitive Malaysian Noordin M. Top.

Nur Hasbi, Sydney said, was a friend of Asmar Latin Sani, a suicide bomber in the first Marriot bombing in 2003.

Sydney told that Nur Hasbi and Asmar Latin Sani both graduated from Ngruki Islamic boarding school in Solo, Central Java, in 1995.

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