Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pelaku Bom Bunuh Diri di JW Marriott di Bawah Umur

The suicide bombing at the JW Lounge JW Marriott Hotel, Friday (17 / 7) morning, it appeared that a kid in the minors. Based on the results of face reconstruction and sketch Disaster Victim Identification team of Police Headquarters is estimated, the age of 16-17 years, not 20 years be as before.

Other unique characteristics, the agency estimated to have 180-190 cm high. However, unfortunately, the police would not speculate about the race of the suicide bombing that killed six people.

Based on the leaflets were the police, general characteristics other male sex is diversified, has a white, blond and short straight black, and shoe size 42-43.

Meanwhile, the suicide bombing at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, as previously made, diversiform sex male, aged 20-40 years, with Sawo mature, hairy and short straight black, and high body about 165 cm.

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