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Putri Titian Biografi Girl Sexy Artist Hot Foto Video Cewek Bugil

Biodata Putri Titian, profil and biography beautiful actress hot Indonesia :
Full name : Putri Titian Asih
Nick name / celeb name : Putri/Tian
Sex : Female
Religion : Islam
Place of birth : Palembang, Indonesia
Date of birth : April 07, 1991

Putri Titian or commonly call with the name of Tian is an akting stars newcomer in the world sinetron Indonesia. Tian, popular with her akting in the mini-series Jungkir Balik Dunia Sissy.

In addition, Putri, so she also called, never showing headline Film Television (FTV) Ajari Aku Cinta, with Gita Gutawa. Followed then turn back continue sinetron Jungkir Balik Dunia Sissy, Dunia Sissy Jungkir Balik Lagi.

Putri, also known as ad stars a number of products, including products for Chiki JetZet and Pepsodent Extra.

FTV support singles So What Gitu Loh is born in Palembang, 7 April 1991, was a student SMAN 4 Gambir, Central Jakarta.

Putri Titian recently received gossip impregnated Vidi Aldiano. The higher the trees the wind blew harder, at least that's maxim that now used by the artist deserved a young PutriTitian. Recently, a girl who familiarly called Tian was rumored pregnancy. Sensational, a man who allegedly impregnated Tian is another young artist Vidi Aldiano.

But when trying confirmed, Tian reluctant to answer the rumors about it. Her answer was more like the joking tone. "Pregnant, this baby playing in the stomach," Tian said, then laughed when found in Studio Mampang, South Jakarta.

Preaching about Tian's pregnancy first appeared on the internet. In a site in the virtual world there is an article that reported about pregnancy Tian. The girl aged 19 years was admitted to already know about these rumors for a long time.

"Oh God, I already know this news a long time and this is a risk I am as an artist. I do not really give a damn, let it go. Anyway why should thinker, I was a child, seeing it not be," said Tian.

But even so she would not challenge the gossip that was already circulating. "I'm not demanding. I am as a Putri Titian, I must accept gossip is not true this and let it go. Moreover, why should I clarify also useless anyway," she said.

As Ads Star :

• Chiki JetZet
• Pepsodent EXTRA
• Pucelle
• Indosat IM3
• XL

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