Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Robert Pattinson's Aunt Urges Him Not to Start Dating Kristen Stewart

Diana Nutley, the aunt of Robert Pattinson, allegedly asks him not to start dating his "Twilight" co-star Kristen Stewart. Nutley, according to Life and Style, is afraid that Pattinson and Stewart will "never have a moment of peace as a potential couple".

"I don't think it would be a good idea for Robert to be in a serious relationship with Kristen," Nutley says. "How can he live his life with a fellow star, with their every move being watched just like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes? He's only 23 and probably won't get married until he's 40, if he's got any sense."

Additionally, the sister of Pattinson's mother hopes the 23-year-old hunk will fall in love with an English girl. "I think he will eventually come back home to England and fall in love with somebody he's known since school," she tells Life and Style.

Robert Pattinson was rumored having a special relationship with Kristen Stewart as they filmed "Twilight" together in 2008. As of late, the 19-year-old actress reportedly has called off her romance with beau Michael Angarano. "There are no signs of him being around like he was when he and Kristen were actually dating," a source told E! Online. "Ever since Rob and Kristen have gotten more serious, Michael's slowly been more out of the picture and factored out of studio-related plans and that has not changed."


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