Monday, August 10, 2009

Aryani Fitriana Cewek Sexy Artist Hot Foto Video Bugil Kepompong

Aryani Fitriana cewek tomboy called name chacha this nature have a strong and quiet arogan ... eits first only in that her newest sinetron ttitled Kepompong.

In that sinetron Aryani role as a tomboy girl called name chacha. Aryani Fitriana or call name friendly Ryan started her career since the age of 7 years, when an agency its spell Ryan casting for a model of the product because they have been terrific in Aryani swing in front of the mirror may also be because the art of the blood flow to the Ryan mom.

From there Ryan career in the world of entertainment with headline have some time on the title sinetron when still small child, among Ryan never play in sinetron "Terlanjur Sayang" in the sinetron Ryan as a child of Devi Permatasari.

At the time of adult career Ryan is also increasingly slope upward with starring sinetron and FTV a few of them Terlanjur Sayang, Dina and Lisa, Idola, Olivia, Do bee Do, Misteri Kampus, Mars vs Venus, Hati Sebening Embun, Kepompong.

Biodata Aryani Fitriana, profil and biography girl sexy beautiful artist sinetron Indonesia :
Full Name: Aryani Fitriana Kurniawan
Nickname: Ryan
Sex : Female
Place of birth : Jakarta, Indonesia
Date of birth : 24 May 1988
Mother’s name : Nadia Patricia
Father’s name : R Ujang Kurniawan Subur
Zodiac: Gemini

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