Monday, August 31, 2009

Cheryl Cole Sexy Women 'Crown' Hair Color Foto Video Naked?

She is sexy artist and singer, not only fashionable clothing that makes appearances Cheryl Cole looked pretty. Woman who is a singer also did not hesitate to change her hair color.

Being a WAG'S (Wife And Girlfriend's) of a soccer player such as Victoria Beckham, Cheryl Tweedy is now better known as Cheryl Cole to be a fashionista in the UK. From clothing to accessories she was wearing a very fashionable.

So also with the model and color of hair. Cheryl did not want her crown look bad, therefore she always tries to do her hair as possible in order to always show up every day.

How Cheryl model and hair color for this? We'll see ! Maybe for you who want to change her hair, this style can inspire Cheryl.

In June 2006 appear Cheryl Burgundy hair dye. With the model of two layer and ponytail made her look cute as a walk.

Somewhat different from other hair models, this time Cheryl Cleopatra-style haircut with straight shoulder-length hair and bangs as high brow. Hair color did she turn into a coffee brown.

Recently, Cheryl is believed to be an icon of a leading manufacturer of beauty in the UK so that has to change her hair color to red plum.

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