Thursday, August 06, 2009

Cindy Crawford, Artist Model STW but Stay HOT!

If Carmen Electra may be spelled the old woman who is still HOT, there's more STW that is not less hot HOT even more than movie stars in Baywatch. She is supermodel Cindy Crawford.

She may be spelled not young anymore, 43 years old. But behind the maturity age, the body of Cindy Crawford is still arouse. View only, the transversal cross supermodel in the world catwalks for some top designers such as Versace, Armani and Valentino is still well-fed.

Cindy Crawford appears again with the dressing sexy bikini for an ad Beauty Kiss in Austria. And wonderful, Cindy Crawford is still hot as she did years back 90an.

Sports Illustrated model years 1980-1989 so this may make the man masher saliva swallow, particularly for their lover STW.

Previously, Cindy Crawford had to appear naked for Allure magazine, but with packing foamy soap, but a clear form of body that is still not arouse obstruction to enjoy.

"I think, I am still beautiful and sexy women to age 43," said Cindy in the shooting. Do you agree?

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