Thursday, August 06, 2009

Danica Patrick Model Hot Pose for Sports Illustrated

She is beautiful, the body smooth, hot also. That is the attraction of women Indycar Danica Patrick. Not only drive the car piawai in Indycar, Danica, but also continue to show the ability of the model.

As quoted from The Sun, once again, Danica's body showing the exhibit extraordinary sexy but athletic, in a shooting session for the special edition magazine, Sports Illustrated.

The United States racer is showing a variety of touch with in the bikini, the newest car. Not only with the captivating beauty, but also Danica seduce, pose with the sensual and hot.

Several times Danica photographs taken with the background in several different brands of cars. And Brunetta this model, also does not hesitate to show musculature her solid firm but still captivating.

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