Monday, August 03, 2009

Elisabetta Canalis Showroom Her Breast, Pamer Payudara!!

So David Beckham to joining AC Milan with the status of the loan from Los Angeles Galaxy, Elisabetta Canalis directly gave chase to him. Unfortunately failed, but this time, Elisabetta again create sensation.

Models aged 30 years old actress who also appears HOT in this newest film Virgin Territory. Elisabetta say that now with the dating Hollywood stars, George Clooney appears as a nun in the film.

As quoted from The Sun, in the film this is, Elisabetta also a television presenter this showing her breast, in front of a prospective clergyman. Hmm just imagine, beautiful breast Elisabetta ever want Inter Milan coach Jose Mourinho is by in front of the eye.
Not for SARA, but this really happens in the film Virgin Territory, Elisabetta with lust birahi showing her breast play in front of the opponent.

While the relationship with The Ocean Eleven star started when Clooney came to Rome and eventually travel to the romantic Elisabetta on Lake Como.

Elisabetta launch film career after a successful television presenter and had to appear in the film Deuce Bigalow, European Gigolo.

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