Monday, August 10, 2009

Umar Abduh : Terrorist Noordin M Top Still Hidden

Brain in the Indonesian terrorist Noordin M Top have been broadcast killed in penyergapan Densus 88 Temanggung in Central Java. But in fact, while Noordin is called a still-living and hiding in the middle of a place.

This is expressed by a former activist Negara Islam Indonesia (NII) to INILAH.COM Umar Abduh, Jakarta, Senin (10 / 8). According to the author the book 'Di Balik Bom Kuningan' it, who died in penggerebekan in Temanggung, not Noordin M Top.

"If the information I received from friends in the network down, it is not Noordin. Noordin now this is still secret, but I also do not know exactly where," said Umar Abduh who also had been an instructor perakit bomb in Poso.

Umar said, penggerebekan terrorist Temanggung is not in more than just purely theatrical. Penggerebekan is deliberately be exaggerated to cover up police failure in blitz reveals Marriott-Carlton 17 July.

Penggerebekan the only playwright to be just nice and endingnya enggak need NGEJAR-NGEJAR again. Overall this is not clear, the data is blocked them all, thrown not known, a three-week party kepolisan not clear, "said former political prisoners and the Garuda plane Woyla piracy, in Thailand in 1980 this.

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