Friday, August 07, 2009

When the bodies Need Identity Video Hot

Everything in this world that need identity. From human, goods, places to stay until the situation requires the identity, or a name to be called. What indetitas become an absolute requirement? Do without the identity of many of the problems that will arise?

Questions about the identity of this is to encourage community Aria Kusumadewa with use indie film Identitas.

With menggandeng PT Demi Gisela Citra Sinema and Esa Films, Identitas may be spelled out to be the first indie film to enter the national film industry. Even this first showing in mainstream cinemas.

After the previous Kusumadewa sell Aria from campus to campus. Or from one community indie to film festivals.

"Spirit independent film maker, with the original story created by Aria Kusumadewa-support must be in with. The identity was created by friends who have high ideals.'re As indie films get a place in the Indonesian film industry stage," said Deddy Mizwar, executive producer .

Appropriate title, the story of Aria Kusumadewa was still freedom of expression and reflect the style of indie film. Aria bertutur on the need to try an identity in the life of the community now.

The identity of the social reality of discrimination, not on the small side. Chat cafe in a small, traditional markets, emperan hospital ward patients to localization edge rail mixed with unadorned by Aria Kusumadewa a story that arouse awareness of the rights including the rights of living dead man.

Identitas starting from the of Adam (Tio Pakusadewa), a mortuary officer at a hospital. He became introvert in the environment due to his father's past. However, he changed to a different time while at work.

The corpse of every day is always the friend of the fun. But life grows complicated when residual house parents who tempati he threatened digusur because there is no identity.

In kesehariannya, Adam sesosok often see women (Leony VH) a concern. A young woman 'without name', a certain kind of face oriental aged 20, who struggle to pay for the treatment of his father's poor treatment in the hospital ward. Digusur where any woman, and whore is forced by his father for the cost of care.

See the efforts of women, relief and awe that sincere love of Adam to help and protect women without the name. Whole-hearted attempt to save Adam from her prostitution with the way the world make a woman get Askeskin. But not all be easy and difficult due to the identity problem.

Up to a woman without a name when it lost a sudden, and Adam met again with the woman in the room work, already a corpse. Because the woman without a name that has no identity, Adam needed to maintain the rights of women died, although the need to sacrifice your own life right.

Identitas indeed of a story that may be spelled out very simple, but it is a fact that is in the public at this time. Without identity, who think you can 'digaruk' staff. Without identity, your home can digusur without compromise. Whether identity is so important in this world? Please rate your own through Identitas.

Without the typical indie film full of idealism, Aria also provides celotehan and criticism-criticism that appears in the community.

Start from the car park, the hospital registration process, to penertiban traders operating in the pavement. All Aria Kusumadewa mixed with mild language and commonly occur in the community. The result. Ready smile with you in the film Identitas released in the cinema started 6 August 2009.

Judul Film: Identitas Film Title: Identity

Players: Tio Pakusadewo, Leony Vitria Hartanty, Ray Sahetapy, Titi Sjuman

Producers: H Deddy Mizwar, Anggia Novita, Choky Situmorang, Aria Kusumadewa

Story and scenario: Aria Kusumadewa

Director: Aria Kusumadewa

Duration: 86 minutes

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