Monday, September 28, 2009

Iran Mannequin Must Wear Jilbab, Foto Video Hot

Iran police warned outlets and boutiques in the country for displaying a mannequin with a 'dress code' official of the government. Starting from the statue's head was covered with a veil jilbab, to prohibit a mannequin that highlight the curve of the body or just wearing panties. Hmm ...

"Using a mannequin that accentuated curves and not wearing the hijab (jilbab) in the head, not on display in the store," the statement Moral Police IRNA quoted Iran, Friday (25 / 9).

Iranian police raided busy shops, stores, boutiques, to small companies that fail to apply the rule of religious dress code that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made since the first office in 2005.

The new legislation is part of a series of government rules Iran to destroy Western influence in the Islamic Republic. So do not be surprised if the mannequin is wearing a bow tie, and a mannequin wearing the men are also prohibited.

Even this campaign a bit much, because the mannequin guy with spike hair Western-style slashed. Similarly, the mannequin woman with tight trousers. Offenders can be dragged to the police station and brought to trial.

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