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Krisdayanti KD - Anang Hermansyah Divorce 'Bercerai', Tidal Wedding Hot Foto Video ?

Relationship between two human beings always have the dynamics. Sometimes beautiful, often too annoying. Like the story of one household top musicians in this country, Anang Hermansyah and Krisdayanti, which is always absorbing. Tidal wedding KD-Anang, which unfortunately have resulted in divorce.

Krisdayanti a 21-year-old was married to Anang Hermansyah on August 22, 1996 earlier. At that time the young musicians wedding surprised many parties. You could say their love story is not too much media attention.

Both at the time, especially KD has not become a top musician with a salary of hundreds of millions to billions of rupiah. KD and Anang wedding was blessed with 2 children, Titania Aurelie Hermansyah (12) and Azriel Akbar Hermansyah (10).

KD and Anang got out of the album sung together as proof of their love scene. Albums Cinta in 1996, made Anang as a gift for an invitation that came to their wedding. After ten years of marriage and a duet in five albums, love the way they finally made an album titled Sepuluh Tahun Pertama. Album containing 14 songs, 11 songs taken from their fifth album, the duo who had been around and three songs are new songs.

Not forever wedding KD - Anang like smooth highway. Gossip affair several times upon the couple. Infidelity is often a target directed to Krisdayanti.

The names of men like Dicky Wahyudi, Ari Sigit, Yovie Widianto to steal the most caring, talented guitarist Indonesia, Tohpati. Gossip is not always just fiction. Although not yet proven, undeniable love affair gossip that makes the relationship KD and Anang tenuous.

Moreover, in her book, 'My Life, My Secret' written by Alberthiene Endah, KD tells if Anang ever intended to divorce her.

"I was talaq two in years ago, but not because Tohpati," KD said when met at the launch of his book 'Catatan Hati Krisdayanti: My Life, My Secret' at Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, Jl. MH. MH. Thamrin, Central Jakarta, Thursday (16/7/2009) ago.

Not only affair that became a thorn in their marriage, KD against drug addiction had become a serious test for both.

Still in her book, KD admitted to having a user psychotropic type shabu-shabu in the past period 1998-1999. Anang even has caught chanter 'I'm Sorry Goodbye' was the withdrawal sakaw.

"At that time I was at the peak of his career. I'm starring in sinetron stripping. At that time my footing weak. Anang immediately angry and crying stupidity by me," she recalls.

But the strength of their love, the presence of children, a towering career and support their friends seem to help households KD and Anang survived the storm.

Unfortunately after 13 years of fostering households, Anang on August 19, 2009 or 3 days before Ramadan, said the word divorce to Krisdayanti. Said divorce that according KD is not only spoken once.

What is the reason Anang, until now not clear. But Anang implies that KD is worth responsible for their divorce. The decision Anang to divorce KD is also based on encouragement from his daughter, Aurel.

"That I know all these problems from Aurel. She who encouraged me to end it all. Because she had told, yes please. She also strengthen me to stay strong," said Anang at interview Tabloid Bintang edition Sunday of the fifth in August 2009 as quoted detikhot Tuesday (1/9/2009).

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