Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Pocong Tumbal Pesugihan Hot Foto Video Penampakan Hantu

Pocong appearance is not only happening in the Village Dramaga, Dramaga district, Bogor Regency. Geger creatures clad white shroud is also rampant in some areas in Bogor, like Sub Sukaraja, Cikeas, Cibubur, Cibinong, and Kemang. Besides in Bogor, rippled appearance pocong also occurred in areas Pamulang, South Tangerang, and Bekasi.

Strangely, though appear in different areas but that version of same. That is pocong pocong shit so it is actually a figure of a small child, aged about 10 years who did not intentionally wear the white robes of her parents who wolk on Pesugihan ritual.

"They say the boy did not intentionally wear the robe and immediately disappeared. The boy was then knocked a number of citizens to remove the robe," said Sudarno, head Cijujung hamlet, village Cijujung, District Sukaraja, Bogor.

But residents whose homes were tapped by pocong so these imitation, Sudarno said, no one dared to help. "Never mind the robe untied. Opening the door just people do not dare," he added.

The same story also said Maman, residents Pamulang, South Tangerang. In the areas bordering the South Jakarta, people are often disturbed by a knock on the door of their house almost every night.

Ikhwal pocong who make Pamulang citizens same commotion as has occurred in the area of Bogor, which was a small child. But the child is not accidentally but deliberately cloak made tumbal by parents who wolk on Pesugihan.

Unfortunately, though news about pocong Pesugihan victim into a warm conversation, but none in the area residents who have rippled pocong be sure, the little boy's family who made the tumbal Pesugihan. Including the child's family residence.

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