Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick Have Twin Girls

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick show off twin daughters Marion Loretta Elwell and Tabitha Hodge Broderick in New York. The couple welcomed twin girls, born via surrogate, on Monday, June 22 in Ohio.

Sarah Jessica Parker's surrogate mama needs security, because paparazzi are overrunning the little town where she lives.

So the PD has been asked to help. Who, you ask, will take charge of the go team? The police chief who is under investigation for allegedly breaking into her home and trying to sell info about her and Sarah to a tabloid.

We spoke with officials in Martins Ferry, Ohio, who told us Police Chief Barry Carpenter will manage the team assigned to protect the surrogate.

The mayor told us that he has his concerns but has faith in the police department ... isn't that called blind faith?
Have two babies ... then bring water to a boil. That's the headache facing the surrogate who just delivered Sarah Jessica Parker's newly minted kids.

The surrogate gave birth in Martins Ferry, Ohio last night. Here's the problem -- there were breaks in the water main over the weekend. It's a small town, so 3 breaks in the pipes and everyone is screwed.

The hospital has to boil all the drinking water and it's turned into a gigantic hassle. But by the time the kids are 3 days old, the faucets are expected to flow again.
Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick's surrogate just took one for the team -- or two, actually -- by just giving birth to twins.

The babies were born this morning at the East Ohio Regional Hospital in Martins Ferry, according to WTRF.

The station is reporting Matthew and Sarah are currently at the hospital with the surrogate, and will make an announcement about the newborns later this afternoon.

Katherina Jackson, Jackson Mom Guardian Children Jacko

Mother of Michael Jackson has been appointed as a guardian while three children by a judge, Los Angeles, Monday, June 30, 2009 (30 / 6), four days after the death of the pop stars.

Beckloff has approved the appointment of Katherine Jackson, 79, based on the documents submitted by pengacaranya name. One petition asked the High Court of Los Angeles Katherina Jackson requested to be appointed as guardian of the child, Prince Michael, 12, Paris, 11, and Prince Michael II, 7.

Children were in care since their fathers death Jackson last week at the age of 50 years in Los Angeles. Further examination has been scheduled on August 3, several court officials said.

Londell McMillan family lawyers have confirmed, Sunday, Katherina Jackson akan enforce a claim for legal nurture children."She will ask for the protection of children. It is very pity them," McMillan said to CNN.

Guardianship papers for Michael Jackson's children have been filed, and Katherine Jackson -- the matriarch of the Jackson family -- wants to continue caring for the King of Pop's three children.

In the papers filed on Monday, Katherine says that she is currently caring for Jackson's three children: 'Prince' Michael Joseph (12), Paris Michael Katherine (11) and Prince Michael II (7). Katherine is also petitioning to take over the children's estate, which has an "unknown" value in the papers.

During a press conference on Monday, Joe Jackson explained why they're seeking guardianship of the children. "We're the parents. This is where they belong. We're going to take care of them and give them the education they're supposed to have."

Jackson went on to add that "Debbie Rowe has nothing to do with what we're doing," referencing the biological mother of the children. The filing lists the children as living at the Jacksons' family compound in the San Fernando Valley, northwest of Los Angeles.

"Minor children are currently residing with paternal grandmother," the filing states in an explanation of why Katherine Jackson should be appointed guardian. "They have a long established relationship with paternal grandmother and are comfortable in her care."

The filings provide no other declarations by Katherine Jackson, nor do they state whether Michael Jackson left a will.

The filings note that Deborah Rowe is the mother of the Jackson's two eldest children, but list her whereabouts as "unknown." An e-mail message sent to Rowe's attorney seeking comment wasn't immediately returned Monday morning.

For Michael Jackson's third child, nicknamed as Blanket, the filing states "None" for the mother. Londell McMillan, the Jacksons' attorney, said the family hasn't heard from Deborah Rowe, the mother of Jackson's two oldest children, about custody.

The lawyer for Michael Jackson's mother filed documents in court today, sounding the alarm that people up to no good will try and fleece Michael's estate. The court had apparently had enough concern to make Katherine the administrator of the estate pending a hearing next Monday.

Katherine's attorney, Burt Levitch, claims there are numerous bank accounts of Michael's that are being controlled by third parties. He says the bank accounts are used "to pay expenses of [Michael's] parents' home." Levitch says these bank accounts need to be controlled so third parties don't misspend the money.

Levitch also says there is worry about Michael's stake in the Sony-ATV Music Publishing Catalog -- which includes Beatles' works -- that Levitch says is the most important asset in the estate. Levitch says no one is now representing Michael's interests and he wants Katherine to step in her late son's shoes.

Levitch says at least one person is claiming to have a power of attorney to act on Michael's behalf. Although a power of attorney would have ended when Michael died, Levitch worries that not everyone knows that and assets could be misappropriated.

And the family is questioning whether a will really exists, because no one has informed them of that fact. We're told attorney John Branca, who was re-hired by Michael three weeks ago, is in possession of a will.

Katherine has the right under the order "to control tangible personal property currently in the physical possession of a third party, and to marshall and secure such assets."

Shah Rukh Khan Get Doctoral Degree Art and Culture

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan nominated to receive honorary doctorate in the field of art and culture from the University of Bedfordshire, England.

Shah Rukh, who is also foreign actors are given the title of the first progenitor in Malaysia last year, will receive the doctorate on the first July 10.

Elections actors to doctors made by Routes to Roots, an NGO member of the World Association of Nongovernmental Organization (WANGO), working with a number of universities closed and trusted scholars in various countries.

"I like Routes to Roots nominated me for the honorary doctorate in the field of art and culture of the University of Bedfordshire, Britain. This will be my honor to accept the personal on July 10 in London," said Shah Rukh.

Farrah Fawcett Has Died Artist Hot Foto Video Bugil

American Actress Farrah Fawcett died on Wednesday, June 25, 2009 local time, after a long struggle against cancer disease. Farrah died at the age of 62.

Artist who is known through his role in Charlie's Angels series, and has been undergoing chemotherapy a few years ago to cure the cancer diidapnya.

Fawcett diagnosed suffering from rectal cancer in September 2006. Four months later, he declares himself free of cancer, but disease relapse again in May 2007. Fawcett went to Germany to receive medical treatment and documenting the experience. He also shared this experience in television in the early impressions in 2008.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Pasha Ungu and Alyssa Soebandono Ciuman Hot Kissing Video

Biodata Pasha Ungu, profil and biography hot singer of Indonesia :
Full name : Sigit Purnomo Syamsuddin Said
Nick name/celeb name : Pasha
Sex : Male
Religion : Islam
Place of birth : Donggala
Date of birth : November 27, 1979

Pasha Ungu band is the vocalist, which was established in 1996. Pasha joined the Ungu in 1999.

Pasha own career as the model and has appeared in several television ads, main sinetron and joined with several bands before joining with Ungu.

Although Okie has been divorced from, but still considers Pasha Okie that contain his fruit heart. In 14 February 2009, coinciding with Valentine day, Okie children birth to three women who diversiform sex.

In a matter of career bermusiknya, Pasha had digosipkan have special relationships with Aura Kasih digandeng by this beautiful singer Rossa. They paired for the duet singing again Terlanjur Cinta creation Yoyok Padi.

Guy that had this clever mengaji course in ABA-ABI before finally decided to stop studying and choosing career in music.

Meanwhile, the journey of life in the household, father of two children has involved beatings with the Marvell Band guitarist, Idea Fasha. Dikabarkan both cases due to jealousy over his wife, Pasha, Okie Calerista Agustina Sofyan, the road to the Idea. Although warm discussed the media, both ends with peace.

On 20 November 2008, Okie Pasha contest divorce in the Religious Bogor. Submit a claim when the divorce is, Okie expectant. And on 20 January 2009 the judge grant divorce suit against Okie Pasha through the Religious Bogor in West Java.

On Valentine's Day, February 14 2009, Pasha was the third child, sex with women. Female baby was born by this former wife, Okie on the Hospital Ibu & Anak Hermina Bogor.

Gossip between Pasha and Alyssa Soebandono all outstanding. Towards the end of June 2009, circulating a video that shows the Pasha kissed Alyssa. Alyssa has oppugn that is in the video is not herself.

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Kylie Minogue Singing and Akting in India Movies

According to director Tony D'Cruz, Kylie Minogue will promote the Bollywood film in August next. Section, in the early years Kylie was sing a song in the film is taken adegannya earlier this year.

On 12 June, are seen Kylie dinner with director Blue Italian restaurant in La Estella in London.

"Yes, Kylie and I had dinner together. I just returned from South Africa finished watching the IPL (Indian Premier League) and directly to London to see Kylie on dubbing the film Blue. He invited me dinner. Manajernya and mother also. Kylie absolutely stunning and the plain people, "said Tony.

"We will bring them to Mumbai to release the song. So, he not only sang but also berakting," he said.

Blue Movies dibintangi by Akshay Kumar, Sanjay Dutt, Katrina Kaif, Zayed Khan, Lara Dutta and as a star main role.

Michael Jackson: He’s Gone the King of Pop

Biodata Michael Jackson, profile and biography of the king of pop:
Michael Jackson has a full name Michael Joseph Jackson was born in the city of Gary, Indiana, USA, 29 August 1958. He was known as the people of the world King of Pop. He is the son of the seventh pair of Walter Joseph 'Joe' and Katherine Esther.

One of the best entertainer in the world music movement with the famous Moonwalk its already piawai singing since he was still the age of 5 years. The official, Michael started his career at age 12 years.

Together with his brothers, Michael formed The Jackson Five. Menyanyinya with a great talent, no wonder if Michael diserahi task as the vocalist. This group immediately became popular in the 1970s-era.

In early 1980, Michael became a very popular figure in world music and pop music crossover African-American. Some of them were the famous hitsnya Beat It, Bllie Jean, Black or White, and Scream are making the meroket popularity.

Also in 1980, media attention is to the change in skin color that Michael brown fade into the pale keputihan. Gossip circulating that Michael uses to skin whitener. But not long after, Michael was a disease vitiligo, lupus, and make the skin sensitive to sunlight terpaan.

With the extraordinary talents of the Michael has received many prestigious awards. Some of the album became album terlaris in the world. Selling album up to now believed to not less than 750 million albums worldwide and make Michael as part of a popular pop culture for four decades.

During his career in the world of entertainment, Michael has spent 10 of the album Got to Be There (1972), Ben (1972), Music and Me (1973), Forever, Michael (1975), Off the Wall (1979), Thriller (1982) , Bad (1987), Dangerous (1991), History (1995) and Invicible (2001). Album Thrillernya believed as terlaris album in the world throughout history.

But behind the success in the entertainment world who achieve the life of many private Michel Jackson invite controversy. Many menyakini, since small, Michael often get haphazard treatment of the father. This impact on the physical and mental when Michael himself adults.

In the event an Oprah Winfrey, Michael openly confessed that he often little time to cry in the loneliness and pain, and even began to vomit while viewing his father's presence.

In 1993 to 1994, the world's attention to Michael tersita in case of sexual harassment faces. He was accused of sexual harassment to children aged 13 years named named Evan Chandler and his father, Evan Chandler. Various cases that befall him, was believed to undermine the wealth of the King of Pop. He even believed to have financial problems in recent years.(from various sources)

Singer Michael Jackson Has Died

Pop legend Michael Jackson has died, Thursday 25 June 2009 local time at the age of 50 years. Dikabarkan heart attack caused the death of this iconic performers.

Coronary Doctors Hospital in Los Angeles, Fred Corral says that Jacko died at 14:26 local time. Previous pelantun tembang 'Heal The World' was to this hospital because of a heart attack and is not breathing when taken in an ambulance.

However, several sources said, before his death Jacko concert experience depression in the 50 year. Concert entitled 'This Is It' akan berlangsur in 50 places and started in London, 13 July 2009 to come. Hundreds of thousands of tickets konsernya has sold ludes.

Loss of expression was overrun twitter. The celebrities like John Mayer, Imogen Heap, Katy Perry, Ashton Kutcher and remember the feeling of deep sorrow for Jacko.

Farewell, The King of Pop!

Michael Jackson: Lost World of Entertainment Icons its

Death of pop legend Michael Jackson on the age of 50 years Thursday, June 25, 2009 local time to leave the impression that a lot of depth in some celebrity friend. In general, they feel very lost on the journey Michael.

Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis Presley is also the former wife says she is very Michaal lost her husband of the former. "I am very sad and depressed with a variety of emotional possibilities. Passing Michael is a very big loss for me," said Lisa.

This senada Arnold Schwarzenegger, former actor who is now the Governor of California He says that Michael is a pop phenomenon of the unceasing creativity develop.

"Although there are many problems in the life of his personality. But there is no doubt Michael is an entertainer who is very extraordinary popularity that lasted between generations and between continents," said Schwarzenegger.

Dionne Warwick, singer who is also close friend Michael says memories akan akan friend still living in the heart and the hearts of all people. "We have lost an icon in the entertainment industry. Kenangannya But the memory will live in many people, especially melali songs-songs that many people tune," said Dionne.">

Friday, June 26, 2009

Titi Kamal Women Sexy Model Artist Hot Foto Video Bugil

Biodata Titi Kamal, profil and biography beautiful actress of Indonesia :
Full name : Titi Kamal
Real name : Kurniati Kamalia
Nick name/celeb name : Titi
Sex : Female
Religion : Islam
Place of birth : Jakarta, Indonesia
Date of birth : December 07, 1981
Mother’s name : Elly Rosniati
Father’s name : Moch. Kamal Badry

Kurniati Kamalia more popular with the name of Titi Kamal, born in Jakarta, December 7, 1981. Titi's career begins when became a model and Juara I Cover Girl Aneka Yess 1997, and before the youngest child of five brothers started this star sinetron “Tirai Cinta, and followed Cerita Cinta, Kembang Padang Kelabu, Lilin Kecil, Pura-pura Buta, and Cinta Anak Campus”.

Daughter pair Moch. Kamal Badry and Elly Rosniati start reaching this world the big screen with starring Tragedy (2001), ADA APA DENGAN CINTA (2002), EIFEL I'M IN LOVE (2003) and Mendadak Dangdut (2006). Even in this film “Mendadak Dangdut”, Titi success with the song dangdut Jablay(Jarang Dibelai) which is the film's soundtrack album.

Titi has a voice that hand to mouth 'forced' sing some songs dangdut in the film landing director Rudi Sudjarwo it. Even though she is not pede (percaya diri), but beyond a doubt the community would welcome the good songs that do have lyrics in community the lyrics-it.

Although the bands in song success and successful entry MTV award nominations, a former MTV Best Model in 2002, the claim is not interested in developing a career in the world pull the vote, especially dangdut music.

Now the beautiful virgin always appear with her black hair this opened a restaurant Sunda fast service style front kitchen. Restaurant that is located on Jl. Ir.H. Juanda No.27, precisely at the State Palace, Jakarta, the shape is a dream’s Titi become a business woman.

For a matter of love, a woman ready to confess all out at this stage akting eventually married with her boyfriend which also stars sinetron, Christian Sugiono. After having dropped out of a row, on February 6, 2009 has this pair perform weddings in Australia.

Success with the single Jablay in 2006, to provide capital for Titi for serious drag voice in the world. Not on track dangdut nusic but Pop R & B. The end of 2008, Titi released its first single with the title “Lebih Baik Sendiri”, and followed with a single second “Resah Aku Tanpamu” that sung duet with Anji Drive.

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Mikha Tambayong Girl Sexy Beautiful Hot Artist Foto Video Bugil

Biodata Mikha Tambayong, profil and biography beautiful cute girl of Indonesia :
Full name : Mikha Tambayong
Real name : Maudy Mikha Maria Tambayong
Nick name/celeb name : Mikha Tambayong
Sex : Female
Religion : Christian
Place of birth : Jakarta, Indonesia
Date of birth : September 15, 1994
Mother’s name : Deva Tambayong
Father’s name : Michael Tambayong
Hobby : music, movies, facebook, eating, sleeping, jokes, new friends, chocolate, ice cream
Favorite music : easy-listening songs

Maudy Mikha Tambayong is young artist and model Indonesia. Cewek that birth Jakarta, September 15, started her career with the selection of models in magazines teenage “GADIS” in the year 2008 and is known through the sinetron “Kepompong”.

Mikha Tambayong, loyal audience in the sinetron "Kepompong" is definitely a who is Mikha. Mikha is a nephew of singer Harvey Malaiholo. Mikha Tambayong as Tasya in the sinetron “Kepompong” is a newcomer artist with some colleagues except Derby Romero and Aryani Fitriana the first dive is to the world entertainment.

Mikha Tambayong is a newcomer artist who is shining, it may in the sinetron still not many titles sinetron star by her, but if the fans, this one artist who has many fans, especially in the virtual world that many ask bios mikha because many are still not expose her life private artist this one.

Mikha Tambayong is a newcomer artist who is shining, it may in the sinetron still not many sinetron titles starring by her, but if the fans, this one artist who has many fans, especially in the virtual world that many ask bios mikha because many are still not expose her life private artist this one. Mikha also playing in the sinetron "Kaca Mata Mama Mia".

May be a good idea to visit one of your forum friends Mikha in the de’ rainbow that is Dinda Kirana (as Beby in the "Kepompong") in the forum dindakirana.tk, there are a lot about of Mikha Tambayong also.

Hot Photos Mikha Tambayong and Mikha Tambayong Sexy Foto Picture

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Rezky Aditya Actor Cowok Sexy Hot Artist Foto Video Bugil

Biodata Rezky Aditya, profil and biography macho actor of Indonesia :
Full name : Rezky Aditya
Nick name/celeb name : Rezky
Sex : Male
Religion : Islam
Place of birth : Jakarta, Indonesia
Date of birth : February 26, 1985
Hobbies: Playing Basketball

Rezky Aditya is one of the new stars that attract attention. Direct role in getting two stripping sinetron, Cinderella and Luna make a face no longer strangers and quickly recognized by the public.

Name actors birth Jakarta, February 26, 1985 is so shining when be main role in the sinetron Suci and Melati Untuk Marvel.

Rezky already was starring in some sinetron that has the headline rating big enough, among the Sinetron Cinderella with starring Cinta Laura, Sinetron Suci who starring by Bunga Zaenal, and Sinetron Melati Untuk Marvel who starring by Chelsea Olivia.

Young Actor's career Rezky Aditya start with the capital appear to face a stacked and his akting, sinetron its starring with Cinta Laura has great success with the first of sinetron Rezky Aditya. Sinetron even after this bid was coming.

Although busy with sinetron chase each run, but for Rezky education remains one of the priorities in his life. Evidence he is committed to promptly complete the studies in the Industrial Engineering Department University of Bina Nusantara.

Rezky ever play in the sinetron “Benci Jadi Cinta, Peluk Aku 3 Menit, and Putri” this start to try the world big screen. This opportunity came in early 2009. He was a role in the film “Suka Sama Suka”.

In Sinetron Melati Untuk Marvel, Rezky get the same success in several sinetron previously, with the role as Marvel, children ‘cuek’ and ‘selengekan’. Rezky any claim to enjoy the role as similar to a life of its own personality. Because of his attract akting in “Melati Untuk Marvel” that is, he enter into any Panasonic Awards nominations in the favorit actors category.

Log In list nominator Panasonic Award recipients are likely to be good news and bad news at once for Rezky Aditya. The good news, for the first time Rezky entry in the list nominator. One achievement that should rightfully proud of course. Bad news he must had to head with Teuku Wisnu in the same category. Rezky also submit to.

"Alhamdulillah, I can not take incoming nominations. This is for the first time for me. In fact, if Wisnu does not have the same competition. We are with friends," he said. Added by Rezky when found in Plaza Senayan, Wednesday (25 / 3), if for instance Wisnu who win because the opponent play in the film SMS because his akting the better of him.

"While I still have a lot of their own learning," he said rather pessimistic. "I do not pessimistic," he said in disagreement. "If we win I accept, also does not lose anything. And I have no special preparation for this."

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Sandra Dewi Girl Sexy Model Artist Hot Foto Video Bugil

Biodata Sandra Dewi, profil and biography beautiful actress of Indonesia :
Full name : Sandra Dewi
Real name : Monica Nicholle Sandra Dewi Gunawan Basri
Nick name/celeb name : Sandra
Sex : Female
Place of birth : Pangkal Pinang, Kepulauan Bangka Belitung, Indonesia
Date of birth : August 18,1983
Mother’s name : Catharina Erliani
Father’s name : Andreas Gunawan Basri

Sandra Dewi with a full name Monica Nicholle Sandra Dewi Gunawan Basri was a model and also stars stars akting Indonesia.

Although quite artist newcomers, Sandra who like giving eat snakes and monkeys this so known quickly in the community through her akting “Quickie Express” with Tora Sudiro and Aming and along running present chase sinetron “CINTA INDAH”.

Born in Pangkal Pinang, Kepulauan Bangka Belitung, August 18, 1983, the three eldest brothers this move to Jakarta in 2001 to continue studying at the London School Of Public Relations.

Daughter pair Andreas Gunawan Basri and Chatarina Erliani initiated her career through election Miss Enchanteur Jakarta 2002 and tourism ambassador West Jakarta. But then Sandra decided to study the concentration.

Palembang bloody girls, Chinese, Sundanese, and the Netherlands began to decide this total in the world of entertainment since become a champion two in Fearless Female Fun Cosmopolitan Magazine in 2006. Where one of the director of jury “Berbagi Suami”, Nia Dinata.

Nia is also a tender Sandra to follow the casting and then got the role of Lila in Quickie EXPRESS. Through film Quickie EXPRESS, Sandra was selected as the stars of "Pendatang Baru Terfavorit" version Indonesia Movie Award (IMA) in 2008.

Besides talent akting, Sandra began to pull away the vote. Dewi Sandra and Luna Maya together issue the single Play in the framework of the Euro 2008. Sandra to call the fansnya as the 'Sanders' is back on the big screen akting titled “Tarzan Ke Kota”. In the film Sandra is also contribute voices to the film soundtrack.

Early 2009, Sandra exploring other areas of the event as a presenter on music titled DERINGS in Trans TV with Desta Club Eighties.

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Agnes Monica Girl Sexy Model Artist Hot Singer Video Foto Bugil

Biodata Agnes Monica, profil and biography beautiful hot actress singer of Indonesia :
Full name : Agnes Monica
Real name : Agnes Monica Muljoto
Nick name/celeb name : Agnes
Sex : Female
Religion : Christian
Pace of birth : Jakarta, Indonesia
Date of birth : July 01, 1986
Hobby : Ice skate and Badminton
Weight : 49 kg
Height : 165 cm

Always innovative and dynamic in play and reach the line of achievement, not a place if the artist Agnes Monica as the ground water board.

Multitalenta artist who initiated her career as a child singer is not only vocal champion, but the girl born July 1st 1986, this candidate also acting champion, real fact in sinetron Pernikahan Dini that starring with starring Sahrul Gunawan make her name more and rebound.

The decision to leave university and focus more on the world entertaiment is not futile, Agnes successful snatch prestigious awards like 'Most Favorite Female' MTV in 2006 and "Artis Solo Wanita Terbaik" and " Penyanyi Rythm & Blues Terbaik " AMI Award 2006.

As many as five awards was get by Agnes of year 2006, and making selected as' Most Popular Actress 2006 '.

Not satisfied with the award was getting, the stars of this sensation, has ambition to Go International. To support her ambition, Agnes tried akting in the film THE HOSPITAL that starring with Jerry Yan, and sharping strength her vokal with Keith Martin at the album WHADDUP A. ..?!

Achievements and responsibilities of the field that the handling make LG Electronics Indonesia was interested with Agnes and choose to be the ambassador for their products several years to come.

On May 15, 2007, Agnes became a concert opener performers Boyz II Men at Istora Senayan, Jakarta. Agnes previously planned duet with Vanya, Maurice, Shawn, but because there is no preparation cooked, collaboration is canceled done.

Old not appear in the display glass, in 2008 Agnes was akting back in the display glass. Ia membintangi sinetron JELITA dan KAWIN MASSAL. She was starring “Jelita and star Kawin Massal”. Agnes appear in the display glass is also to treat the fans to its view that rarely appear. Because she is more in the show-show to sing, even in Korea until he was to do the show singing.

Artist who had gossip with Bams Samson and performers Afgan prove quality her mucic still be feasible. Place award in the MTV Indonesia Awards 2008, Agnes awarded as the Most Favorite Female through the single “Matahariku”.

September 2008, Agnes back album launch, NEZ. Interesting that this album only contains two songs only, ie, a single Matahariku that also the soundtrack sinetron Jelita and single Godai Aku Lagi.

Price CD album is also very affordable only Rp15.000. This is because Agnes want to reduce piracy in Indonesia. And only within a month a single RBT has Matahariku activated by 1.5 million mobile phone users in Indonesia.

Who never stops to achievement. At the end of 2008, Agnes returned get top award in the world music of the country.This time she chosed as Penyanyi Favorite place in Indonesia Kids Choice Award 2008.

Agnes prove she is able to maintain performance. In March 2009, her name became one of the award recipient Music Class Heroes. And she became a youngest receive this award.

Back, Agnes released new album. Early April 2009,she launched the album title is given SACREDLY AGNEZIOUS. Unlike the previous album, the album that single sponsor this “Teruskanlah” she launched in two versions, contains 10 tracks and 13 tracks. Interestingly, here Agnes directly involved as producers.

Recently released the newest album, Agnes already wash performance. Agnes was chosed as soloist woderful version Dahsyat Awards event that took place on April 19, 2009.

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Foto Hot Video Syur Nia Ramadhani Beautiful Actress of Indonesia

Find Foto-foto Seksi Nia Ramadhani, Foto Syur Nia Ramadhani, Hot Photo Nia Ramadhani, Foto Bugil Nia Ramadhani, Body Hot Nia Ramadhani, Nia Ramadhani in Bikini, Sensual Pose Nia Ramadhani.

Click here to find Nia Ramadhani biodata, profil and biography

Friday, June 19, 2009

Dian Sastrowardoyo Profile Biography Sexy Actress Girl Model Artist Hot Foto Video Bugil

Biodata Dian Sastrowardoyo, profil and biography beautiful actress of Indonesia :
Full name : Dian Sastrowardoyo
Real name : Diandra Paramitha Sastrowardoyo
Nick name/celeb name : Dian Sastro
Sex : Female
Religion : Islam
Place of birth : Jakarta, Indonesia
Date of birth : March 16, 1982
Mother’s name : Dewi Parwati Setyorini
Father’s name : Iwan Sastrowardoyo

Dian Sastrowardoyo name is known as a talented actress popularity through its role in the film ADA APA DENGAN CINTA (2002). Role as Cinta in film direction Rudi Sudjarwo, and also delivers herself as winner Festival Film Indonesia (FFI) for the best actress category.

Owner name Diandra Paramitha Sastrowardoyo this start her career in the entertainment world in 1996 through the event Gadis Sampul and first starring movie star “Bintang Jatuh”(2000) who also works director Rudi Sudjarwo. In the film daughter pair Alm. Iwan Sastrowardoyo and Dewi Parwati Setyorini this play with Marcella Zalianty, Garry Iskak and Indra Birowo.

Next film entitled Pasir Berbisik(2001), in this film Dian akting compete with the senior star Christine Hakim, Slamet Rahardjo and Didi Petet. Through the film Dian finally gets gift as the best women in the Singapore International Film Festival (2002) and Asian Film Festival in Deauville, France (2002).

Alumnus of Faculty of Philosophy, Indonesia of University in 2001 is the graduate skripsi in 2007. Taking the title 'Beauty Industrial Complex', Dian graduated with a value of 8.57 (A), and 3.2 GPA last.

Dian had a love affair with Abi Yapto, son of the famous, Yapto S Soerjosoemarno, and ends around August 2006. Both Abi and Dian reluctant to comment further their cause of ending the relationship.

Say, the relationship Abi and Dian break because the third of the Dian. While still in love with a Abi, Dian also close to the broadcaster Prambors, Warman Nasution.

Dian has also reporting near with Moreno Suprapto, although until now the grandniece of a national movement leaders Prof Mr Sunario Sastrowardoyo, this claim is still single.

In addition to as Lux stars, Dian also as host in Super Quiz Milyader 3 Billion in 2007.
One of the torchbearer in the Olympic event in 2008 to try this new job. Although not far from the film world, but this time he must play a fold role. In addition to playing a movie, she also acted as producer on the film Drupadi.

In the year 2008, Dian back 'sharp' with Nicholas Saputra. This time they are paired in the film “3 Doa 3 Cinta” by director Nurman Hakim. Even in the International Festival of Asian Cinema Vesoul the film successfully awarded the Grand Prize of the International Jury.

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Nia Ramadhani Sexy Girl Beautiful Hot Artist Foto Video Bugil

Biodata Nia Ramadhani, profil and biography cewek cute of Indonesia :
Full name : Nia Ramadhani
Real name : Prianti Nur Ramadhani
Nick name/celeb name : Nia
Sex : Female
Religion : Islam
Place of birth : Jakarta, Indonesia
Date of birth : April 16, 1990

Nia Ramadhani was born in Jakarta, April 16, 1990, initiated a career in the world akting (sinetron) since the age of 15 years. Sinetron stars serial Bawang Merah Bawang Putih garlic is quickly recognized public and her name so popular, so many producers who invite her to play in sinetron adolescents.

Some of the sinetron was starring by Nia among others, “Alisha, Kisah Adinda, Benci Jadi Cinta, Soleha, Hey Cantik, Candy, Bembi, and Diva”.

Nia also reaching the big screen with a horror movie star in “Suster Ngesot” and then appear bikini wear in “Hantu Jembatan Ancol”, and so the horror movie in 2008, “Kesurupan”.

Stars are born with the name of Nur Prianti Ramadhani is known as the icons of teenage love while still engaged with the R & B singer, Ressa Herlambang, although they eventually disbanded.

Nia then make love with Bambang Reguna Bukit or a more familiar Bams name which is also called the personnel group music Samsons. However, their relationship be calculated quickly. Nia is also reported close to with the youngest son of President SBY, Edy Baskoro, and also the nephew of South Sulawesi governor candidates Syahrul Yasin Limpo, Puritcha Ichfan Adnan Yasin Limpo.

Towards making the “Kesurupan” film that starring Nia with Andhika Pratama, in the internet reporting news sensational photos Nia put on the bikini and posing with cowok-cowok macho in the swimming pool. However, Nia is responding cold spread image, and assume reasonable put on the bikini in the swimming pool.

Separated from the neck Bams, antagonis characters in the sinetron Alisha choose in singles and had more focus on her career. However, mid-October 2008, Nia was coupled look intimate main commissioner TV station TVOne, Ardiansyah, who is also the son of businessman Aburizal Bakrie.

She had sufficient time engaged with Ardie Bakrie in 2009, but the players Alisha rebut this is news. She stressed that she still wanted to walk on her career in the entertainment world.

At the end of May 2009, Nia caught with Ardie on vacation in Singapore. In fact, even in one of the photos, appears to be naked chest while Ardie hug his girlfriend body , Nia put on a tank top in black color.

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gita Gutawa Sexy Girl Beautiful Hot Artist Foto Video Klip Bugil

Bodata Gita Gutawa, profil and biography cewek cute singer hot artist Indonesia :
Full name : Aluna Sagita Gutawa
Nick name : Gita
Sex : Female
Religion : Islam
Pace of birth : Jakarta, Indonesia
Date of birth : August 11, 1993

Aluna Sagita Gutawa or more familiar with Gita Gutawa, born in Jakarta, August 11,1993. She is a pop singer, that deepens the still music since childhood, because she is herself was the daugther of composer and vocalist Erwin Gutawa.

Gita which also has many achievements in academics, the ever duet with Donny, ADA Band vocalist in the track for the song Yang Terbaik Bagimu. She also had berduet with performers sholawat Hadad Alwi, in the album Jalan Cinta 2.

In the age to 13-year hymn titled album was released Gita GAUTAWA (self title). In the album of songs that did not want the name of her father's greatness double up that carries one of the songs of Sarah Silaban, with Andi Rianto and Pink-Pink.

Album sales girl who stars in demand as a model of successful advertising reach with the Platinum Awards for selling over 150 thousand copies in just 4 weeks. It was then delivers herself as Penyanyi Pendatang Baru Terbaik and Album Terbaik AMI Award in 2008.

Girls that just reaching the top general in the 6th International Nile Children Song Festival (INCSF) in Cairo, Egypt, the world acting also tried through short sinetron AJARI AKU CINTA and AJARI LAGI AKU CINTA. Despite many offers, songs that are she still busy this school does not develop many her talent in the world acting.

Thanks to the sound her sopran, Gita was choosing carries the film soundtrack. Included the soundtrack for the film and film LOVE and fenomenal film , Laskar PELANGI. Singer of single song Yang Terbaik Bagimu joint for Ada Band is also starring various ad headline ads in demand, including Indomie, Conello Walls ice cream and Pond's.

Success of the album, in 2009 will launch the newest the album Gita “Harmony CINTA”. On this album, Gita many involved in it, with the color of the music more varied. Even the album with 12 songs, will have a track creation Gita. According to the plan, this album circulating in April 2009.

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Nikita Willy Sexy Girl Beautiful Hot Artist Foto Video Bugil

Biodata Nikita Willy, profil and biography cewek cute hot artist of Indonesia :
Full name : Nikita Willy
Nick name : Nikita
Sex : Female
Place of birth : Jakarta, Indonesia
Date of birth : June 29, 1994
Zodiac: Cancer

Nikita Willy is a young acting star of Indonesia, who has starred in several advertisements, sinetron and movies. She began publicly recognized for her role in the sinetron ROMAN PICISAN with the actor from Papua, Evan Sanders.

Women born in Jakarta, June 29, 1994 is starting a career since the age of seven years through the sinetron BULAN BINTANG. Follow then the sinetron such as ROMAN PICISAN, RATU MALU DAN JENDRAL KANCIL, SI CECEP, HABIBI DAN HABIBAH, PACAR PILIHAN, PENGANTIN KECILKU and a FTV, MAK COMBLANG JATUH CINTA.

While as an advertising model, she never became a model for candy ads Milton, Citra Body Lotion, Pigeon cosmetic, food Choki-Choki, detergent Total, Holland Bakery, Bank BNI, Bank BII and Roma chocolate wafer.

BESTFRIENDS? movie star player have the opportunity to play in the stripping sinetron in 2009 early, NIKITA. Sinetron directed by Maruli Ara and Gita Asmara Ara this, Nikita must compete acting with the actor Dude Harlino.

Nikita return approved as leading role in stripping the latest sinetron in September 2009, SAFA DAN MARWAH. Here, she again had to play as a character much older than actual age.

Hot Photos Nikita Willy and Nikita Willy Sexy Picture

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Dhea Anissa/Dhea Imut Girl Sexy Beautiful Hot Artist Video Foto Porn Bugil

Biodata Dhea Anissa/Dhea Imut, profil and biography :
Full name : Dhea Anissa
Real name : Claudia Annisa
Nick name/celeb name : Dhea Imut
Sex : Female
Religion : Islam
Place of birth : Jakarta, Indonesia
Date of birth : February 29, 1996
Mother’s name : Masayu Chairani
Father’s name : Indra Kusuma

Dhea Imut that has the full name is Claudia Anissa cilik former stars who now go adolescents. Dara, who was born in Jakarta, 29 February 1996 this career in the entertainment world since the age of two years. When the ad headline Dhea diaper baby. After that many ads are flooding the bid daughter pair Indra Kusuma and Masayu Chairani this.

Name Imut obtained Dhea after joining the Three Bocah Imut and had released an album of children. Debut sinetron Dhea is pennon HUMAN MILLENNIUM. Name after the melejit Bidadari 3 star sinetron. Sinetron others who have, among other starring weeping stepchild, honor, MUTIARA, and guard the heart.

Sinetron MUTIARA players that had problems with the production house, SinemArt back into public debate in 2009. Dhea has news to sell keperawanannya boss SinemArt, Leo Sutanto. Ibunda Dhea will hold a press meet.

Dhea Imut gets porn videos. Being public figures or celebrities are vulnerable to the gossip that is not imposed for the artist. Masayu Chairany, Dhea mother, do not expect to be struck down if Dhea gosip kegadisannya sell for a sinetron. Not limited only to issues only, but it also worsened with the video showing the face of porn actors female is similar to Dhea.

According to Rani, call her so, herself had observed that when the digosipkan with hot photos and video. And that, we realize by Rani, making them consider the direction which the daughter will be affected if the gossip is less fun. But Rani does not expect at all if at the age of 13 years Dhea already made one like this.

"When I watch the artists who made the previous Dhea like this, I can corroborate myself. My child will teenagers. But do not expect at all akan Dhea when as soon as this new age of 13 years," said Rani

"Recently akhil baliq directly get news like this. But I take hikmahnya, in fact this is a risk artists. This work barbarian searching for the illicit money. But if this please make rich, make artists that porno-porno never mind, "Rani connect time in the Polda Metro Jaya, Jakarta. After the issue of fictitious news and video hot Dhea similar circulating on the internet. Ibunda Dhea, Rani Dhea assert that the parties will not close or self-selective if there are journalists or fans who want photos Dhea, because it Dhea obligations as public figures to serve.

"I can not say selective. Dhea Imut itukan The problem is, if it does not serve all the peers have been more wrong kaminya. If it does not serve fans spelled proud. Wait things like that, this is going, so that the image Dhea or so," said Rani.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shireen Sungkar Profil Biography Girl Sexy Model Sinetron Star Artist Hot Foto Video Picture

Biodata Shireen Sungkar, profil and biography sexy girl sinetron star hot artist Indonesia :
Full name : Shireen Sungkar
Nick name : Shireen Sungkar
Sex : Female
Religion : Islam
Place of birth : Jakarta, Indonesia
Date of birth : January 28, 1992
Mother’s name : Fenny Bauty
Father’s name : Mark Sungkar

Shireen Sungkar is an acting star Indonesia, which is famous for her role as Fitri in sinetron CINTA FITRI. Shireen which is the second child of three sisters pair artist Mark Sungkar and Fenny Bauty is never become sinetron star “Bukan Diriku” together Baim Wong, followed by her starring the sinetron “Wulan” with Dhini Aminarti.

However, the girl was born in Jakarta, 28 January 1992 is considered a new rapid rebound after the headline CINTA FITRI. In addition, popularize the party Tengku Wisnu star too, with his role as Farrel. Last girlfriend a sinetron player Adly Fairuz this, starring a sinetron “DooBee Doo” with the role as Sherina Victoria.

In demand as a sinetron star, make Shireen not quick satisfied herself. Together with the sister, Zaskia Sungkar, Shireen tried world drag voice with the form duo vocal , The Sisters. The first album, they were given the title of THE JOURNEY OF LOVE which was released in 2008 with a single blade “Keajaiban Cinta”.

Shireen is stabilizing role of her career in Indonesia. She was selected as the winner in the Favorite Actress Panasonic Award event held on March 27, 2009. End of May 2009, after the holidays Shireen was looking blank porno video circulating news similar herself. Shireen already own to give a statement, if that is in the video is not herself, which only someone like herself.

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