Monday, August 31, 2009

Cheryl Cole Sexy Women 'Crown' Hair Color Foto Video Naked?

She is sexy artist and singer, not only fashionable clothing that makes appearances Cheryl Cole looked pretty. Woman who is a singer also did not hesitate to change her hair color.

Being a WAG'S (Wife And Girlfriend's) of a soccer player such as Victoria Beckham, Cheryl Tweedy is now better known as Cheryl Cole to be a fashionista in the UK. From clothing to accessories she was wearing a very fashionable.

So also with the model and color of hair. Cheryl did not want her crown look bad, therefore she always tries to do her hair as possible in order to always show up every day.

How Cheryl model and hair color for this? We'll see ! Maybe for you who want to change her hair, this style can inspire Cheryl.

In June 2006 appear Cheryl Burgundy hair dye. With the model of two layer and ponytail made her look cute as a walk.

Somewhat different from other hair models, this time Cheryl Cleopatra-style haircut with straight shoulder-length hair and bangs as high brow. Hair color did she turn into a coffee brown.

Recently, Cheryl is believed to be an icon of a leading manufacturer of beauty in the UK so that has to change her hair color to red plum.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Beyoncé Knowles Women Sexy Stunning Swing Foto Video Hot

Sexy singer Beyonce Knowles is second to none.Various achievements carved Billboards pointing to the wife of rapper Jay-Z was as Woman of the Year 2009.

"Beyonce is a multi-platinum singer and women who have many talents. It's obvious she has a decent quality of perfection bear as Woman of the Year Billboard," said Chief Editor of Billboard Bill Werde, as saying Female First quoted on Thursday (27 /8).

World's first known as the frontman group Destiny's Child, Beyonce has attracted worldwide attention. More racing career after deciding to spawn solo album. Sexy sway fans were amazing, including Billboard which also figured as a contributing factor.

Recently, female 28-year-old was part Feeding America Foundation distribute 3.5 million free meals to the kitchen. Billboard honorary certainly be hers after distributing concert tickets 2500 album 'I Am ... Sasha Fierce' for families with disabilities.

In addition, the singer who has a wealth of nearly U.S. $ 1 billion and was the only musician who had ruled the top of the Billboard charts for more than 10 weeks, both as a solo musician or part of the group.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Zivanna Letisha Siregar Sexy Girl Puteri Indonesia 3 Large Miss Universe

Zivanna Letisha Siregar, Puteri Indonesia 2008 showing sexy with two pieces bikini shooting session in beach clothes Miss Universe 2009, in Nassau, Bahamas, (7 / 8) ago.. After the shooting, she signed in 3 large, to compete with Miss Brazil and Vietnam.

As quoted from, Zizi usual call name friendly in the rank of 3 to compete with Miss Brazil Larissa Costa and Miss Vietnam Hoang Yen Yo.

Miss Brazil to reach the value of 2.87, Zizi with the value 2.78 and Miss Vietnam also with 2.78.

Zizi feasible position is among 84 other candidate, because she looks so sexy with bikini enthralling light blue flower motifs.

After take photos, the beautiful women, aged 20 years who lived in Australia this will still undergo a series of jury, to a final evening Miss Universe 2009 held August 23 in 2009 to come.

Would Zizi maintain its position in the ranking of 3? Can she reached Miss Universe crown in 2009? Can she recorded history with a new queen sejagad scent and Indonesia for the first time? Wait.

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Umar Abduh : Terrorist Noordin M Top Still Hidden

Brain in the Indonesian terrorist Noordin M Top have been broadcast killed in penyergapan Densus 88 Temanggung in Central Java. But in fact, while Noordin is called a still-living and hiding in the middle of a place.

This is expressed by a former activist Negara Islam Indonesia (NII) to INILAH.COM Umar Abduh, Jakarta, Senin (10 / 8). According to the author the book 'Di Balik Bom Kuningan' it, who died in penggerebekan in Temanggung, not Noordin M Top.

"If the information I received from friends in the network down, it is not Noordin. Noordin now this is still secret, but I also do not know exactly where," said Umar Abduh who also had been an instructor perakit bomb in Poso.

Umar said, penggerebekan terrorist Temanggung is not in more than just purely theatrical. Penggerebekan is deliberately be exaggerated to cover up police failure in blitz reveals Marriott-Carlton 17 July.

Penggerebekan the only playwright to be just nice and endingnya enggak need NGEJAR-NGEJAR again. Overall this is not clear, the data is blocked them all, thrown not known, a three-week party kepolisan not clear, "said former political prisoners and the Garuda plane Woyla piracy, in Thailand in 1980 this.

Grace Natalie Presenter TV One Women Sexy Foto Video Hot

Grace Natalie Presenter TV One increased in popularity among netter .. Why? Yes definitely because of the beautiful face and talent in the delivery of news that a lot of fun so netter interested to beautiful women this one.

Grace Natalie is a presenter news and often the called she's anchor television TV ONE. With a simple style, its a fun discussion, plus beauty and her smart make every event that carried by Grace Natalie were always interesting and comfortable to enjoy the public beholder.

News announcer is not only known for the beautiful face or a fun-talking style, but also in the ingenuity and kelugasannya carries a news event. Format news events are also adjusted such that Grace Natalie charm in the eyes of viewers to steal the attention.

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Aryani Fitriana Cewek Sexy Artist Hot Foto Video Bugil Kepompong

Aryani Fitriana cewek tomboy called name chacha this nature have a strong and quiet arogan ... eits first only in that her newest sinetron ttitled Kepompong.

In that sinetron Aryani role as a tomboy girl called name chacha. Aryani Fitriana or call name friendly Ryan started her career since the age of 7 years, when an agency its spell Ryan casting for a model of the product because they have been terrific in Aryani swing in front of the mirror may also be because the art of the blood flow to the Ryan mom.

From there Ryan career in the world of entertainment with headline have some time on the title sinetron when still small child, among Ryan never play in sinetron "Terlanjur Sayang" in the sinetron Ryan as a child of Devi Permatasari.

At the time of adult career Ryan is also increasingly slope upward with starring sinetron and FTV a few of them Terlanjur Sayang, Dina and Lisa, Idola, Olivia, Do bee Do, Misteri Kampus, Mars vs Venus, Hati Sebening Embun, Kepompong.

Biodata Aryani Fitriana, profil and biography girl sexy beautiful artist sinetron Indonesia :
Full Name: Aryani Fitriana Kurniawan
Nickname: Ryan
Sex : Female
Place of birth : Jakarta, Indonesia
Date of birth : 24 May 1988
Mother’s name : Nadia Patricia
Father’s name : R Ujang Kurniawan Subur
Zodiac: Gemini

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Friday, August 07, 2009

When the bodies Need Identity Video Hot

Everything in this world that need identity. From human, goods, places to stay until the situation requires the identity, or a name to be called. What indetitas become an absolute requirement? Do without the identity of many of the problems that will arise?

Questions about the identity of this is to encourage community Aria Kusumadewa with use indie film Identitas.

With menggandeng PT Demi Gisela Citra Sinema and Esa Films, Identitas may be spelled out to be the first indie film to enter the national film industry. Even this first showing in mainstream cinemas.

After the previous Kusumadewa sell Aria from campus to campus. Or from one community indie to film festivals.

"Spirit independent film maker, with the original story created by Aria Kusumadewa-support must be in with. The identity was created by friends who have high ideals.'re As indie films get a place in the Indonesian film industry stage," said Deddy Mizwar, executive producer .

Appropriate title, the story of Aria Kusumadewa was still freedom of expression and reflect the style of indie film. Aria bertutur on the need to try an identity in the life of the community now.

The identity of the social reality of discrimination, not on the small side. Chat cafe in a small, traditional markets, emperan hospital ward patients to localization edge rail mixed with unadorned by Aria Kusumadewa a story that arouse awareness of the rights including the rights of living dead man.

Identitas starting from the of Adam (Tio Pakusadewa), a mortuary officer at a hospital. He became introvert in the environment due to his father's past. However, he changed to a different time while at work.

The corpse of every day is always the friend of the fun. But life grows complicated when residual house parents who tempati he threatened digusur because there is no identity.

In kesehariannya, Adam sesosok often see women (Leony VH) a concern. A young woman 'without name', a certain kind of face oriental aged 20, who struggle to pay for the treatment of his father's poor treatment in the hospital ward. Digusur where any woman, and whore is forced by his father for the cost of care.

See the efforts of women, relief and awe that sincere love of Adam to help and protect women without the name. Whole-hearted attempt to save Adam from her prostitution with the way the world make a woman get Askeskin. But not all be easy and difficult due to the identity problem.

Up to a woman without a name when it lost a sudden, and Adam met again with the woman in the room work, already a corpse. Because the woman without a name that has no identity, Adam needed to maintain the rights of women died, although the need to sacrifice your own life right.

Identitas indeed of a story that may be spelled out very simple, but it is a fact that is in the public at this time. Without identity, who think you can 'digaruk' staff. Without identity, your home can digusur without compromise. Whether identity is so important in this world? Please rate your own through Identitas.

Without the typical indie film full of idealism, Aria also provides celotehan and criticism-criticism that appears in the community.

Start from the car park, the hospital registration process, to penertiban traders operating in the pavement. All Aria Kusumadewa mixed with mild language and commonly occur in the community. The result. Ready smile with you in the film Identitas released in the cinema started 6 August 2009.

Judul Film: Identitas Film Title: Identity

Players: Tio Pakusadewo, Leony Vitria Hartanty, Ray Sahetapy, Titi Sjuman

Producers: H Deddy Mizwar, Anggia Novita, Choky Situmorang, Aria Kusumadewa

Story and scenario: Aria Kusumadewa

Director: Aria Kusumadewa

Duration: 86 minutes

Leony Vitria Hartanty Bugil For Aria Kusumadewa 'Identitas' Film Movies Video

For Aria Kusumadewa by one, Leony Vitria Hartanty willing bugil ria in the newest movies film, Identity. Oops!

The former singer Trio Kwek-Kwek this vulgar indeed appear in the indie film “Identitas” director Aria Kusumadewa the only Indie film director famous nyeleneh and critical.

This is an interview with Leony after the press screening films, on Tuesday (4 / 8) night, Leony satisfied and get that knowledge many from Aria Kusumadewa.

Congratulations on the film screen width. Purpose satisfied with Aria Kusumadewa like?

Wah, happy here in the sense I get many benefits and experiences of an Aria Kusumadewa. He taught me a lot about creating and editing a film.

It was therefore in this film are you naked by Aria Kusumadewa?
Hehehe. No such context. I was not there naked really. Time to receive first scenario there naked scene, and I refused. I spoke to Bang Aria. So the film is used in the special effect. I still wear clothes kok. Misguided, yes?

Means that the time-out bathing scene is still something more?
Yes. But looks like bugil ya ... After discussions with the Aria scene out of a bath, I give advice that Bang Aria uses special computer effects. I had a chance to study two semesters of it. The result, all people believe that I am bugil. While not original.

Court had also said pacaran to the Aria?
Oops, not. Where's the news? Bang Aria like brothers to me. No.Does not have that.

Gossip spelled like you take advantage of men. Seperti pada Eros Sheila On 7, As the Eros Sheila On 7, you take the science of music spelled. Now with Aria also gitu ?
Hmmm. That's all not true. I do not have a goal to get there. I do not care if many people saying like that. I really want to make the film. This is a positive thing and I get the knowledge. In this film than I taught about the film and edit, I also help Bang Aria editing film. I happened to use a computer, I help Bang Aria edit some scenes with a computer.

There are plans for the film itself akan after Identitas?
I don’t know. Still not sure. I still need more study. Pray alone, I got a good teacher.

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Miranda Kerr Sexy Model Lingerie in Bikini Motif Colors

Miranda Kerr make a return fans impressed. Victoria's Secret lingerie model is posing with some models bikini colors.
That pose Miranda made the break for an ad boutique clothing pool. Beautiful pose with background Bondi Beach, Sydney Australia.

Miranda made the first break of the stand. She put on sexy purple bikini with flower motif. So that did not appear sexy too, she put on a jacket with the colors senada.

Pose both a much more hot. Bikini figured black colors is used beloved actor Orlando Bloom is. And this time, it appears only with in bikini only.

Three slightly different pose, this time Miranda is wearing swim clothes one pieces. But swim clothing is not less pool sexy with two bikini worn Miranda. Backless dress pool is visible sexy when the tape Miranda's body lying in the middle of the sand.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Sexy Playing Basketball In Bikini Photos Video Hot

Often, playing basketball wear full sport most popular in the United States this. But not the case with Jennifer Love Hewitt, beautiful Hollywood actress is playing basketball with only a black bikini. Hmm..

Hewitt with the boyfriend, Jamie Kennedy middle of enjoying a holiday in Hawaii and in between the holidays is, treat it with Hewitt playing basketball with Kennedy.

With a spectacular black bikini, body Hewitt looks very sexy, her dent nearly perfect, and just the strategy Kennedy beat Hewitt.

To be sure, Hewitt remains with the body continues to maintain fitness during the holidays to play with one basket. Both couples have been together since this March, and enjoy the times they are happy.

As quoted from The Daily Mail, after playing basketball, Hewitt Dan Kennedy on the beach and relax with each other intimate smooch.

Unfortunately, Hewitt vacation in Hawaii, disturbed by the presence of the local paparazzi girls who long to follow Hewitt Dan Kennedy playing basketball continues to take their photos.

Back in 2007, photos with Hewitt in bikini in Hawaii mencuat but the body does not tense so sexy now. Now after almost two years, Hewitt returned to Hawaii with Kennedy and this time, with a new look, the sexy body with a black bikini dressing.

Françoise Boufhal Model Sexy Big Breast Magic Foto Video

No gratuitous Rio Ferdinand select Françoise Boufhal as a model for own online magazine, # 5. Evidence, women owners of the big breast appear spellbind.

Women with breast size 28H is displayed as the magazine's latest property back central Manchester United is. Previously, Françoise difficult to get a job in the world of entertainment because of the size her big breast which is not normal.

Photographs sexy photos of Françoise Boufhal that appear in the online magazine that is enthralling. Different with rejection on the job she wanted in other places, thus Boufhal weight her big capital, the breast. Although far from seronok, can not be denied that that is the part that makes it appear different.

Unless Françoise Boufhal, stars that appear in the latest edition of # 5 among the most celebrity sports. They, among others, Robinho, Roger Federer, and Usain Bolt.
Franchoise Boufhal artists who still rely on big breast. Since found bek andal Manchester United, Rio Ferdinand, the model of sexy big breast Françoise Boufhal direct public attention to seize the UK. Not only because of how beautiful big breast, but which continues to pose her sexy awaited.

Françoise get praise from the new fans, after a magazine cover online Rio Ferdinand, Pose sexy by her sexy material directly into the collection.

To satisfy the reader The Sun, a red tabloid largest in the UK bring back this photo gallery sexy Franchoise, of course, with forward sexy big breast the jumbo.

No half-hearted, there are five sexy photos Franchoise that readers can make jakun adam’s apple The Sun up and down. The form of breast Franchoise nearly perfect.
Fame Franchoise not be separated from the intervention of Ferdinand who is also the national team back in the UK find the right model to be the cover to its online magazine.

And evidence, the response from visitors seriously outside estimates, it is reported Franchoise have started bear down the models WAG that like pose sexy.
Françoise Boufhal large big breasts, but averse topless. Sexy model Françoise Boufhal grateful to Rio Ferdinand. Thanks to the Manchester United central back of that,she can save her career as a model.

Geordie model home is to be struggling to get a job after she was deemed unfit to be lingerie models. The matter same, her breast not grow as women of the age of her.

"When I reached the age of 16, I stop the activities of the theater and television. The matter, each casting a follow me, I have be shoved aside because size big breast that is not usually for the young woman, "she said.

Françoise Boufhal have breast size 28H. Each job she wanted, she always get answers that too glamor. "I signed up for lingerie models, but my bust is too big for that," she said.

In fact, not a few who came to bid for Françoise Boufhal. But, all topless for the force. And, she did not want to do. As a result, bid-bid is always get the mitten.

"I'm frustrated, but it makes me more ambition over who was known to me, not only because of my appearance. I think, no matter how many times I fail, I will keep trying. Fast or slow, I am sure you will get a good job, "she said.

And, good job that he got from Ferdinand. Maxim cover girl was selected among hundreds of applicants after she makes a good impression to Rio Ferdinand when interviewed.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Cindy Crawford, Artist Model STW but Stay HOT!

If Carmen Electra may be spelled the old woman who is still HOT, there's more STW that is not less hot HOT even more than movie stars in Baywatch. She is supermodel Cindy Crawford.

She may be spelled not young anymore, 43 years old. But behind the maturity age, the body of Cindy Crawford is still arouse. View only, the transversal cross supermodel in the world catwalks for some top designers such as Versace, Armani and Valentino is still well-fed.

Cindy Crawford appears again with the dressing sexy bikini for an ad Beauty Kiss in Austria. And wonderful, Cindy Crawford is still hot as she did years back 90an.

Sports Illustrated model years 1980-1989 so this may make the man masher saliva swallow, particularly for their lover STW.

Previously, Cindy Crawford had to appear naked for Allure magazine, but with packing foamy soap, but a clear form of body that is still not arouse obstruction to enjoy.

"I think, I am still beautiful and sexy women to age 43," said Cindy in the shooting. Do you agree?

Danica Patrick Model Hot Pose for Sports Illustrated

She is beautiful, the body smooth, hot also. That is the attraction of women Indycar Danica Patrick. Not only drive the car piawai in Indycar, Danica, but also continue to show the ability of the model.

As quoted from The Sun, once again, Danica's body showing the exhibit extraordinary sexy but athletic, in a shooting session for the special edition magazine, Sports Illustrated.

The United States racer is showing a variety of touch with in the bikini, the newest car. Not only with the captivating beauty, but also Danica seduce, pose with the sensual and hot.

Several times Danica photographs taken with the background in several different brands of cars. And Brunetta this model, also does not hesitate to show musculature her solid firm but still captivating.

Danica Patrick Tattoos Mystery on the Butt

Indy racer Danica Patrick honor can appear on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. She appear really arouse. However, there is also a mystery concerning her sexy photos. What? Matter of the tattoo above her butt.

Appear in the magazine with pose sexy and challenges, not the actual candidates this time dilakoni that Formula 1 drivers. Previously, Danica Patrick was also decorate magazine FHM. There, she appears with the same lack of costumes, some parts of the body showed that during the time there are only so many people in the shadows.

One of them, so the tattoo. In the lower back, Danica Patrick has a small tattoo. In motive and design the United States flag.

A form of nationalism? For Sports Illustrated, no. Tattoos on the butt of the magazine is considered as a cheap woman omen. Thus, it is visible when Danica Patrick appears in the swimsuit edition: no tattoos.

So, guess which is then displayed: Sports Illustrated with photoshop to manipulate the tattoo Danica Patrick. Manipulation was also strengthened with the appearance her sexy is that much more hot rather than before. The same was done when my boyfriend tennis player Andy Roddick, Brooklyn Decker to appear in a calendar.

Mbah Surip : CD Album Music Compilation Best Seller in Hot Foto Video

Mbah Surip has died. Although such, after he’s gone, the CD album Mbah Surip be hunted his fans. CD album bajakan and original, all in demand.

One of the shops in the Blok M Plaza, South Jakarta, to sell the CD album Mbah Surip only 3 units. In three weeks, 50 pieces CD song troubadour song 'Tak Gendong’ this behavior.

In the store CD albums Mbah Surip most in demand.

That CD Album in cover flag rasta red, green, yellow, with the pictures Mbah Surip that are laugh-wide.

Mbah Surip 'Tak Gendong' Has Died Hot Foto Video Music Compilation

The fenomenal singer Mbah Surip has died Tuesday (4/8/2009) at 10:30 WIB. The singer “Tak Gendong” was the opportunity to Pusdikkes Hospital, East Jakarta. However, it is not yet known exactly causes the death of the singer titled MBA.

"Yes right before died at 10:30 WIB," said Mega, registration the RS Pusdikkes is when confirmed. Mbah Surip that has the original name Urip Ariyanto, according to the ID card, he was born in 1949. Mbah Surip wash billions of rupiah from the money Ring Back Tone (RBT) song “Tak Gendong”.

Singer Bob Marley-style with the famous' I Love You Full 'plan to make this album Ramadan not long. He also intends menggandeng Manohara for berduet. Tak gendong ke mana-mana. Selamat jalan, Mbah Surip.... Farewell, Mbah Surip…

Monday, August 03, 2009

Ulrika Jonsson is bursting with pride in bikini body

Ulrika Jonsson is obviously revelling in her new, trimmed down figure, the result of spending the thousands on plastic surgery. She strolls down the beach in nothing but a bikini and £11,000 worth of confidence.

Her once considerable chest - which she used to say looked better 'caged up in a brassiere' - now appears as pert as a teenager's.

She certainly looked much younger than her 41 years as she walked along the shore in Los Angeles with her American art director husband Brian Monet.

As reported by the Mail, Miss Jonsson spent the £11,000 earlier this year on a series of cosmetic operations including a breast lift and reshaping, and a procedure to remove excess skin from the armpit area.

She said of the surgery: 'I just wanted to repair what Mother Nature had inflicted on me during years of childbearing and rearing. It has taken me 41 years to feel this good - this really has changed my life.'

Despite having a small 32AA chest as a teenager, her body blossomed in her twenties giving her a D cup cleavage.

During her first pregnancy with son Cameron her breasts grew to a FF. Three more babies followed, each one taking a heavy toll on her breasts.

After she married Monet, her third husband, she fell pregnant with fourth child Malcolm.

She gained five stone while pregnant and her cup size soared to an incredible 34I.
With her confidence shattered, the Swedish star decided to have surgery.

The biggest operation was a £6,000 procedure to reduce her breasts to a 32C.
She also had a lift procedure and re-shaping called a mastoplexy, performed by surgeon Laurence Kirwan.

Miss Jonsson said at the time: 'The best thing was that my "new" breasts were actually my old ones, recycled . . . I feel like I've got the breasts of a 16-year-old.'

As well as her one-year-old son with Monet, Miss Jonsson has 13-year-old Cameron, by first husband John Turnbull, a daughter, Bo, seven, by German hotelier Markus Kempen and three-yearold Martha from her marriage to Lance Gerrard-Wright.

Slim and trim: Ulrika Jonsson on a Malibu beach after spending £11,000 in plastic surgery on her body.

Like young lovers: Ulrika and husband Brian Monet linger for a kiss as the water laps at their feet.

Alone at last: Ulrika and Brian make the most of their time away from the children.

Splashing good time: Ulrika had her fourth child Malcolm to third husband Brian, who is an American art director.

Soaking up the sun: The 41-year-old had a breast lift and reshaping, and a procedure to remove excess skin from the armpit area.