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Tora Sudiro Sexy Tatto Man Actor Cowok Macho Artist Hot Foto Video Bugil

Biodata Tora Sudiro, profil and biography actor sexy macho of Indonesia :
Full name : Gusti Taura Danang Sudiro
Nick name/celeb name : Tora Sudiro
Sex : Male
Religion : Islam
Place of birth : Jakarta, Indonesia
Date of birth : May 10, 1973

Tora Sudiro has full name Taura Danang Sudiro, was born in Jakarta, May 10, 1973. Tora known as the big screen actor, commercials, and also stars comedian.

Tora who has many tattoos on his body, ever clucthed the Piala Citra winning Indonesian Film Festival (FFI) in 2004 as best actor Main Actors, through film ARISAN! Who starred in the film with Surya Saputra, Cut Mini, Aida Nurmala and Rachel Maryam, Tora act as gay men where he had scene to kiss a man opponent. In addition in 2005 and 2006, Tora also successfully won the Panasonic Cup Award as the most favorite actor.

In the course of his career, previous Tora is an employee insurance, sound engineer and advertising. Debut film by film TRAGEDY, Rudi Soedjarwo landing, but he began to be known publicly as starring ARISAN movie!

Through these films, Anggraini Kadiman husband and father of Azzahra Nabila this soared and began to receive many offers to play sinetron and films, among them, DUNIA D, JANJI JONI (2005), BANYU BIRU (2005), EKSPEDISI MADEWA (2006), D'BIJIS (2007), NAGA BONAR (JADI) 2 (2007) and sinetron DUNIA TANPA KOMA (2006), MALAM PERTAMA, BUNDA . Including regular appearances as a comedian in the Extravaganza and host a television program.

Marriage Tora with Anggraini Kadiman or usually called Anggi this began to hit tempest. Peak, Anggi sued Tora for divorce. On January 7, 2009, Tora and Anggi divorced, with custody of falling in the hands Anggi.

Tora is famous for comedy roles, has established his career on the big screen. Almost the entire film is nuanced comedy, like the QUICKIE EXPRESS (2007), OTOMATIS ROMANTIS (2008), NAMAKU DICK (2008), TRI MAS GETIR (2008), CINLOK (2008), WAKIL RAKYAT (2009), BENCI DISKO (2009), KRAZY CRAZY KREZY (2009) and PREMAN IN LOVE (2009). Perhaps only his role in LASKAR PELANGI (2008) which requires that he be serious.

Not just acting, Tora who reportedly was close to Mieke Amalia began reaching the presenter. Together with Vincent Club Eighties, he present a program MAKIN MALAM MAKIN MANTAP (4M) in one of the private television program.

Tora official release widower status on Saturday, December 19, 2009, with married Mieke. Marriage is impressed by the media covered this, first known from both Twitter account.

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Mindy Lawtons Women Sexy Body Hot Sex Toys Tiger Woods Foto Video Bugil

Mindy Lawtons hot affair Tiger Woods. No fewer than nine women who became the Tiger Woods had an affair. But, his adventures with the waitress, Mindy Lawtons extraordinary.

Mindy revealing, according to Mindy, what he likes of golf star from her is sex. "Sometimes, I look like a doll after we made love. He's really doing with the rough, "she said.

When making love, so said Mindy, Woods liked to slap her. Sometimes, golfers Thailand's bloody trigger her hair. Other times Woods want Mindy to say dirty words as they do ML. But, she said, the most favored Woods is interesting hair.

Mindy confessed at first she fell in love with the world number one golfer was. But, as soon as she realized that the only one who wants Woods from her. "I realized that he wanted was sex. If he called me, it was when he wanted it, "she said.

Mindy felt Woods only used her as a toy fulfilling sexual desires. Mindy never thought she had a meaning for Woods. But, who cares about Woods is just lust.

"He was a selfish. He was a man who does not have feelings, "she said.

Confession Mindy's most surprising is that they engage in intercourse while Elin Nordegren, 29 years old, was not at home. At that time, Elin, Swedish model, was pregnant.

"Tiger only care to take me to bed. He has a big appetite and I am satisfied. Very little sense of him even though I like it," said Mindy did.

Mindy even tell, Tiger Woods many times using a short time to do sex a quickie with her. If in the morning, so recognition Mindy told the News of the World, Woods will fly a tournament, he would call Mindy to do sex a quickie. And, Mindy happily oblige.

"There is pride to be a big star secret lover. In front of television cameras, he seemed shy and professional. But beyond that, he's very macho, arrogant, and like to glance at women," she said.

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Pocong Tumbal Pesugihan Hot Foto Video Penampakan Hantu

Pocong appearance is not only happening in the Village Dramaga, Dramaga district, Bogor Regency. Geger creatures clad white shroud is also rampant in some areas in Bogor, like Sub Sukaraja, Cikeas, Cibubur, Cibinong, and Kemang. Besides in Bogor, rippled appearance pocong also occurred in areas Pamulang, South Tangerang, and Bekasi.

Strangely, though appear in different areas but that version of same. That is pocong pocong shit so it is actually a figure of a small child, aged about 10 years who did not intentionally wear the white robes of her parents who wolk on Pesugihan ritual.

"They say the boy did not intentionally wear the robe and immediately disappeared. The boy was then knocked a number of citizens to remove the robe," said Sudarno, head Cijujung hamlet, village Cijujung, District Sukaraja, Bogor.

But residents whose homes were tapped by pocong so these imitation, Sudarno said, no one dared to help. "Never mind the robe untied. Opening the door just people do not dare," he added.

The same story also said Maman, residents Pamulang, South Tangerang. In the areas bordering the South Jakarta, people are often disturbed by a knock on the door of their house almost every night.

Ikhwal pocong who make Pamulang citizens same commotion as has occurred in the area of Bogor, which was a small child. But the child is not accidentally but deliberately cloak made tumbal by parents who wolk on Pesugihan.

Unfortunately, though news about pocong Pesugihan victim into a warm conversation, but none in the area residents who have rippled pocong be sure, the little boy's family who made the tumbal Pesugihan. Including the child's family residence.

"Pocong Boediono-Sri Mulyani" Dragged Hot Foto Video

The demonstrators did not stop watering the flowers to the two "pocong" that anti-corruption demonstration day.

The mass incorporated in the Komite Aksi Pemuda Antikorupsi (KAPAK) suddenly became the center of attention in front of the Istana Negara, Jakarta. Mobilize groups of members 200 are pulled two replica pocong when approaching mass anti-corruption advocates.

A closer look, turns out "pocong-shroud" was fitted with a photograph Vice President Boediono and Finance Minister Sri Mulyani at the front. Along the way, do not stop flushing flowers action of the participants into two "pocong" it.

Not sure, both these pocong escorted by two masked men in black alligator heads. They were waving their arms.

Action which took place Wednesday, December 9, 2009 this afternoon with a number of increasingly attractive pictorial posters Sri Mulyani and Boediono. Picture two men who had been authorized to Century Bank bailout was given canines and red spots like blood.

Not sure, an orator with a fiery cry for investigation of two men who successfully brought the Indonesian economy continued to grow positively in times of crisis a year ago. Both pushed off in an effort to accomplishment Century Bank case.

Balibo Five the Film Controversy Hot Foto Video

Resensi the film Balibo Five. A feature film about the killing of the men, called Balibo, has been produced by Arenafilm in Australia, with Robert Connolly as director and David Williamson as screenwriter. The film is based on Cover-Up, by Jill Jolliffe, an Australian journalist who met the men before they were killed.

The book has been a source of controversy because of its criticism of some of the people involved in the campaign for justice. Journalist John Pilger has criticised the reworking of the film's screenplay to play down the Australian government's cover-up of the killings and the removal of scenes which showed the effect of the cover-up on their families.

Attending the premiere of Balibo at the Melbourne International Film Festival on July 24, 2009 at Melbourne's Hamer Hall was the President of East Timor, Jose Ramos Horta, who fought for his country's independence in exile for 24 years. Horta alleged in the evening's closing speech that the Balibo Five were tortured and killed by Indonesian forces.

Horta said of the recent changes in Indonesia: "It is better. Indonesian democracy today is one of the most inspiring in the south-east Asia region." Also in attendance were the families of the Balibo Five, who were called to the stage by director Robert Connolly.

Relatives of Tony Stewart held aloft a banner bearing his name which had been embroidered by East Timorese women. A tearful Maureen Tolfree, sister of the Balibo Five's Brian Peters, said she hoped many Australians would see the film and learn the truth about the events that happened some 35 years ago. "I think it will bring to the Australian public what's gone on," she said.

In December 2009, the authorities in Indonesia banned the film from public screening.
The Balibo Five were a group of journalists for Australian television networks based in the town of Balibo in East Timor (then Portuguese Timor) where they were killed on 16 October 1975 during Indonesian incursions prior to the invasion.

In 2007, an Australian coroner ruled that they had been deliberately killed by Indonesian special force soldiers. The official Indonesian version is that the men were killed by cross-fire during the battle for the town.

The group comprised two Australians, reporter Greg Shackleton, 27 and sound recordist Tony Stewart, 21; a New Zealander, cameraman Gary Cunningham, 27, for HSV-7 (Seven Network) in Melbourne; and two Britons, cameraman Brian Peters, 29 and reporter Malcolm Rennie, 28 working for TCN-9 (Nine Network) in Sydney.

While the men were aware that Indonesian troops were to mount an attack on the town, they believed that as Australian journalists, they would not be considered military targets. Greg Shackleton was filmed painting an Australian flag and the word 'AUSTRALIA' on the wall of a house known locally as the Chinese house.

The level of prior knowledge within the Australian government of Indonesian plans to attack Balibo and target journalists to prevent Indonesian military involvement being demonstrated is debated.

The Balibo Housing Trust, funded by the Victorian Government, now owns the Chinese house and preserves it as a community learning centre.

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Leila Lopes Women Sexy Body Artist Hot Foto Video Bugil

Biodata Leila Lopes, profile and biography women sexy hot brazilian actress :
Full name : Leila Gomes Lopes
Nick name / celeb name : Leila Lopes
Sex : Female
Place of birth : São Leopoldo, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Date of birth : 19 November 1959
Date of death : 3 December 2009, São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

Leila Lopes, the hot Brazilian actress who’s been in the business since 1991. Leila Lopes is making news because she recently confirmed that she will be starring in an erotic film. The movie appears to be titled "Pecados & Tentacoes", which translates to "Sins and Temptations".

As a biography, Leila Lopes was born November 19, 1959 in Sao Leopoldo, Brazil, so her age is 50. She is an actress working mostly in Brazil. Her first acting role was the Brazilian television mini-series "Guarani, O" in 1991. Since then, Leila has appeared in 8 other television shows.

In 2000, Leila was named the "Actress Smile" of the year by Brazilian dentists. The same year, she appeared in the Brazilian magazine "Sexy" in a nude pictorial. The photos were shot at Maragogi Beach. They were not the first nude photos of Leila Lopes, those appearing in a 1997 issue of Playboy.

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Naomi Watts Women Sexy Body Model Artist Hot Foto Video Bugil

Biodata Naomi Watts, profile and biography sexy women actress model of Australian :
Full name : Naomi Ellen Watts
Nick name / celeb name : Naomi Watts
Sex : Female
Place of birth : Shoreham, Kent, England, UK
Date of birth : September 28, 1968

Naomi Watts is an actress and British models. She began her career in the world of acting through the Australian TV drama, HOME AND AWAY (1991) and Brides OF CHRIST (1991). After feeling pretty then hone herself, moved to Hollywood.

History transform herself, as contribute to the film Mulholland Drive (2001), which was released at the Cannes Film Festival. The film brought her a number of awards are further along the Watts grew rapidly as the star.

THE RING (2002), 21 Grams (2003), KING KONG (2005), in the famous film starring. Even through 21 GRAMS, delivering herself into the Best Actress Oscar nomination.

Related personal life, Watts had a relationship with producer Daniel Kirby and actor Heath Ledger for several years. Since 2005 the split-connection dating actor Liev Schreiber. Then in February 2007, Watts admitted from the man's pregnant.

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Jaimee Grubbs claims Tiger Woods never used protection, Sexy Hot Foto Video Bugil

Biodata Jaimee Grubbs, profile and biography sexy women cocktail waitress of America :
Jaimee Grubbs (born 1985) is an American cocktail waitress who claims to have had an affair with pro golfer Tiger Woods. She also appeared briefly on the VH1 reality show Tool Academy in January 2009.

Grubbs told Us Weekly she met Woods in Las Vegas in 2007. Grubbs provided text messages to the media that she said she received from Woods. Grubbs was a cocktail waitress in San Diego when she met Woods in 2007 at Light nightclub in Las Vegas. She described an off-and-on two-and-a-half year sexual affair.

Approximately one hour after Us Weekly released a voicemail from Woods to Grubbs, the golfer released a statement on his website apologizing for unidentified "transgressions."

Jaimee Grubbs' affair with Tiger Woods has another new twist: apparently the golfer wasn't a fan of using condoms. The former "Tool Academy" star told Us Magazine on Monday thatthe golf superstar was pretty loose in terms of his sexual practices: "He didn't use a condom...It wasn't even discussed. He just never used one." In addition, Grubbs claims that Tiger was never curious about whether or not she was on birth control.

This news comes with verification from another alleged Tiger Woods mistress: restaurant manager Mindy Lawton. What does this mean? While it is certainly not a crime to have unprotected sex, Tiger was surely taking a gamble by risking another addition to his family.

While some of Tiger's mistresses have chosen to remain relatively low-key, Jaimee Grubbs has continued to speak candidly on the internet while making a few appearances in Los Angeles (where she works as a cocktail waitress). There are many risque photos of Grubbs around the internet, and many signs point to the possibility of her continuing a TV career.

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Air Terjun Pengantin Film Tamara Bleszynski Sexy Hot Bikini Foto Video Bugil

Actress Tamara Bleszynski look sexy in her new film ”Air Terjun Pengantin.” Tamara was wearing lingerie while acting as a Tiara in the movie is filmed Rizal Mantovani. Here's actions Tamara in the movie film Maxima Pictures production. Documentation Maxima Pictures.

Foto picture Tamara Bleszynski in hot sexy lingerie bikini

Tamara serves as Tiara. Documentation Maxima Pictures.

Tiara played Tamara is a former wushu athlete who later resigned after the accident that made her experienced the trauma of the dark. Documentation Maxima Pictures.

The widow of the child's totally admitted acting in the thriller genre films. Documentation Maxima Pictures.

Air Terjun Pengantin appear in theaters on December 3, 2009. Documentation Maxima Pictures.

Tamara supported her family though look sexy. Documentation Maxima Pictures.

Sexy Tamara. Documentation Maxima Pictures.

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Tuyul Bogor Hantu Ciapus Ghost Sexy Hot Foto Video Bugil

Video tuyul bogor recently fuss Bogor town. In a video recorded sightings spirits called it tuyul quite clear shape. Video is sightings tuyul recorded when one junior high school students who have accidentally recorded the alleged creature tuyul at his home in Sukamantri, Tamansari subdistrict, Bogor Regency.

According to the residents who told the incident, as quoted by the Pikiran Rakyat said, when it was 3 children Junior was playing guitar on the front porch, one of his friends and colleagues recorded the second guitar playing on it while singing.

The creature can jump like the wind, plus one of the teenage excitement, Didi, immediately fell sick for three months. According to smart people, the pain that junior high students is due to the influence of his friend recorded tuyul through HP.

Video Tuyul Bogor yang berdurasi 2 menit 44 detik ini sedang geger dan menimbulkan keresahan khususnya bagi masyarakat Bogor, Ciapus, Jawa Barat. Lalu bagaimana menurut anda benarkah ini Tuyul?

Video Tuyul Bogor that duration 2 minutes 44 seconds this is causing commotion and unrest, especially for the Bogor, Ciapus, West Java. So how do you think this really Tuyul?

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Tyas Mirasih Women Sexy Body Model Artist Hot Foto Video Bugil

Biodata Tyas Mirasih, profil and biography women sexy body model artist hot Indonesia :
Full name : Mirasih Tyas Endah
Nick name / celeb name : Tyas Mirasih
Sex : Female
Place of birth : Jakarta, Indonesia
Date of birth : April 08, 1987
Religion : Islam

Mirasih Tyas Endah also known as Tyas Mirasih, is a model and star sinetron. Her career started when crowned as cover girl finalist 2002, and several times chance to appear as a model a number of magazines.

Tyas, who was born in Jakarta, April 08, 1987 she has appeared as a model of song clips video Demi Waktu and Seperti Yang Dulu property group band Ungu. Followed then property song Baim, Seperti Yang Kumau and Cintai Aku Lagi that Sania sung.

Tyas also known as star sinetron. Sinetron entitled Teman Tapi Mesra, Sepatu Kaca, and Cinta Itu Ngga Buta among ever starred in the title.

As related her love life, Tyas had a relationship with Lembu, Clubeighties band vocalist. They dated for 4.5 years, but when it reportedly got engaged, they are exactly to disperse.

Cewek Javanese-Dutch descent also had a relationship with sinetron star, Raffi Ahmad. But their relationship only lasted a few months and ended with a farewell.

Tyas referred to as the third person behind the dissolution of the relationship sinetron star Nia Ramadhani with vocalist Bams Samson. This story is strengthened by the love story that they now live.

Tyas also accused a third party breakup between Rianti Cartwright and her lover, Banyu Biru, after the photographs Tyas and Banyu intimate when concert circulating in early October 2008.

Often dubbed the “playgirl” could make “hot” her ears. But finally, Tyas want to publish the man who had won her heart. Tyas choose Tria, vocalist The Changcuters to be her lover. Tyas and Tria first met at the filming location Tarix Jabrix.

Not only the acting and model cultivated by Tyas, she was also a presenter at last penetrated the world. Together with Cathy Sharon, her face is often greeted by audiences in SCTV PLAYLIST event.

Together with artist Tamara Bleszynski, Tyas look sexy in the movie AIR TERJUN PENGANTIN (2009). In the film production Maxima, Tyas appeared with bandages bikini two pieces. Even in this film, she dared to be topless though the picture is taken from the rear.

Hot Photos Tyas Mirasih and TyasMirasih Sexy Foto Picture

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Tamara Bleszynski Sexy Women Artist Hot Foto Video Bugil

Biodata Tamara Bleszynski, profil and biography sexy women artist hot Indonesia :
Full name : Tamara Natalia Christina Mayawati Bleszynski
Nick name / celeb name : Tamara
Sex : Female
Place of birth : Jakarta, Indonesia
Date of birth : December 25, 1974
Religion : Islam

Star sinetron and model Tamara Bleszynski, born in Jakarta, December 25, 1974. Lux star bloody Poland - Sundanese is adorned entertainment media since parting with her ex-husband Tengku Rafly Pasha, a businessman from Aceh, and also custody of their son only puppets, Tengku Rasya Islamy Pasha.

Divorce Tamara - Rafly trial begins 7 September 2005, but official decisions of new divorce out on February 1, 2006. After officially a widow, a beautiful woman who had carried most favorite artist Panasonic Award 2005, should continue the feud with her former husband custody related Rasya.

Even Tamara cope Rafly and KPAI (Indonesian Child Protection Commission) to court for her actions to separate her son from his father. Although Tamara eventually had to give up Rasya living with Rafly, after the Supreme Court to decide custody of falling into the hands of her x-husband.

Not after conflict custody Rasya, woman is complete named Tamara Natalia Christina Mayawati Bleszynski is back exposed was not delicious gossip about her relationship with a model international named Mike Lewis. Rumors are also mentioned she was pregnant only considered the wind and the woman who became a muallaf when she married with Rafly on December 1, 1997 ago.

The conflict divorce and child custody protracted make Tamara more fame faded, until finally the popular artists via sinetron Ramadhan , DOA MEMBAWA BERKAH decided to leave of the world artist for some time.

Tamara also briefly rumored to have a relationship with a man from Malaysia initials D. This rumor never comes when she starred in the film production of Malaysia, Cicakman 2, the end of 2007 ago.

Coinciding with the birthday of National Amateur Boxing Association (Pertina), Tamara appointed Boxing Indonesian Ambassador on November 12, 2008.

In spite of long separation from Teuku Rafli Pasya, Tamara reported back to the beginning of the conflict in June 2009. They were fighting over property that amounted to 17 billion. However, there has been no official statement from them.

Related to do with the handsome actor Mike Lewis, the beginning of November 2009, came the news if they had married secretly. However, when confirmed, the news was denied by the manager Tamara.

Long time did not appear to act, Tamara returned to acting. Unmitigated she dared to look sexy in the movie AIR TERJUN PENGANTIN. Even in the film director Rizal Mantovani, Tamara appear in her sexy bikini. However, for Tamara, who reportedly gets paid Rp1 M in the film production Maxima, she just happened to play a sexy character.

Foto-foto hot Tamara Bleszynski

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