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Sammy Simorangkir Profile Biography the Vocalist Band Sexy Singer Artist Hot Foto Video Bugil

Biodata Sammy Kerispatih, profil and biography vocalist band hot singer artist of Indonesia :
Full name : Samuel Hendra Simorangkir
Nick name/celeb name : Sammy Kerispatih
Sex : Male
Religion : Christian
Place of birth : Bandung, Indonesia
Date of birth : September 08, 1982
Hobby : Sleeping
Favorite Food : Sate
Favorite Drink : Water
Favorite movie : Pearl Harbor
Weight : 74 kg
Height : 176 cm

Hendra Samuel Simorangkir or more often called as Sammy this is the vocalist Kerispatih. But before the son of the couple D. N. Simorangkir and Tiur Ida Simanjuntak was once break through INDONESIAN IDOL the arena's first season to 30 large.

At the beginning of the Kerispatih on April 21, 2003, at the time Sammy had joined the Storm, Arief, Andika and Anton. A day later, at the Farabi Sunday, Sammy was officially merged with the vocalist.

With Kerispatih, he has spawned 1 compilation album, GULALIKUSTIK (2004) and 3 a single album Kerispatih, KEJUJURAN HATI (2005), KENYATAAN PERASAAN (2007) dan TAK LEKANG OLEH WAKTU (2008).

In private life, the youngest of three brothers several times in a relationship, call it Nania Idol, and the model Andrea Dian and Nathalia. Even with Andrea's relationship the media spotlight could be, because Sammy had an affair is suspected.

Sammy who has completed his studies at the Institut Musisi Indonesia Percussion Department was re-named become the public discussion at the end of 2009. He is accused of theft of the Honda Civic owned by a woman named Giska Amelia, and allegedly Sammy involved in drugs because Sammy had offered Giska Happy Five/H5 (a type of drug). Sammy picked up police officers on Wednesday, December 9, 2009 for tests at the police Mampang.

Sammy case was not finished with Giska which also entered the realm of law, now on February 2, 2010, he returned to deal with the police. Sammy picked up apparatus in a boarding room Pedurenan Sawit Setiabudi area, Central Jakarta. It is found in the room sabu-sabu package and suction devices. Immediately, Sammy was taken to police Jakpus. From the results of urine tests, Sammy positive taking drugs and making snared Narcotics Act with a maximum penalty of 12 years.

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