Monday, March 22, 2010

Bella Saphira Sexy Women Bikini Artist Hot Foto Video Bugil

Biodata Bella Saphira, profil and biography sexy women hot bikini artist of Indonesia :
Full name : Bella Saphira Veronica Simanjuntak
Nick name/celeb name : Bella Saphira
Sex : Female
Religion : Christian
Place of birth : Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia
Date of birth : August 06, 1973

Bella Saphira Veronica Simanjuntak, or more popular with the name of Bella Saphira, was born in Magelang, Central Java, August 6, 1973. She is known as the star of the world wrestle singing and acting.

In Italian language, Bella means beautiful, was Saphira's name from the beautiful type of stone (sapphire). The name Veronica is also her attribute, made familiar with the call of Ica during kindergarten.

In 1988, Bella was elected as Gadis Sampul finalist, then came a number of bids to be an ad model for various products. Following the later accomplishments as Lux Star Favorites.

In addition Bella is also known as a singer and a finalist winning the title Voice of Asia in 1991. Bella album titled NOSTALGIA SMA (1996) and SESUNGGUHNYA HATIKU (album) (2005) and contributed a single in the album PRAMBORS INDO 8 (1993) and VOICE OF ASIA (1992).

Until now, Bella has not married, but in the way her life she had been a lover Adjie Massaid almost 2 years.

Not a companion, make a graduates 70 high school-SMA Jakarta this more freedom to develop her career. In 2005, Bella returned release album SESUNGGUHNYA HATIKU.

Rarely appear on the screen as a sinetron player, Bella tried to acting on the big screen. Through the film debuted LOVE (2008) although not a leading role. And the opportunity to come back to the Bachelor of Economics, University of Trisakti this to be a major star in ARISAN BRONDONG (2010).

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