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Anang Hermansyah Profil Biography Sexy Man Musician Former Husband of KD Hot Artist Foto Video Bugil

Biodata Anang Hermansyah, profil and biography sexy man musician singer hot artist Indonesia :
Full name : Anang Hermansyah
Nick name/celeb name : Anang Hermansyah
Sex : Male
Religion : Islam
Place of birth : Jember, East Java, Indonesia
Date of birth : March 18, 1969

Anang Hermansyah known as a musician and music workers, as well known as the husband of famous pop singer Krisdayanti. Male birth Jember, East Java, March 18, 1969, had created the song, whether sung himself or others.

Songs ever released Anang, including Mata Cinta (2003), Makin Aku Cinta (2000), Makin Aku Cinta (2000), Kasih (1999), Tania (1999), Buah Hati (1998) and Cinta (1996).

Now the man who successfully held the concert of 3 Diva this be one of the judges for the talent show which was broadcast by RCTI, Indonesian Idol 2007.

Anang wedding with KD that took place since August 22, 1996, seemed to be over soon. The father of Titania Aurelie Nurhermansyah and Azriel Akbar Hermansyah steady divorce religiously KD on August 19, 2009. For the process legally, KD will cast a divorce to the singer Separuh Jiwaku Pergi after Lebaran. Meanwhile, their two children will be under the care Anang.

Without having to wait a long time, Thursday, October 22nd, 2009, decision of the court a divorce Anang-KD issued. Through PA South Jakarta, Anang has officially become a widower.

After a divorce, Anang active again in the country music world. Mid-September 2009, he released his latest album, ANANG. In the self title album contains six songs, Separuh Jiwaku Pergi, Belajarlah Untuk Cinta, Hujan Pun Menangis, Sakit, Bila Cinta Tak Dosa, and Hidup Ini Rahasia.

Beginning November 2009, Anang got a little problem with journalist. At that time Anang was not to be interviewed, but due to the fixed entertainment reporter to take pictures, then Anang was furious. And directly threatening to slam the reporter camera. According to Anang lawyer, Elsie Lontoh, Anang’s emotion because his son was also disturbed by the activities carried out journalist.

Being a widower, made Anang proximity with several women raises other news. He reportedly will soon be ending their his widower. The singer who orbited by him, Windy and artist Marcella Zalianty had preached as a candidate for his wife, but this news was denied.

Entering 2010, Anang returned trusted to sit as a juror in the talent search competition, INDONESIAN IDOL 2010.

After a while hiding his duet friend to replace Krisdayanti figure, finally Anang took sexy singer Syahrini as a singing partner. They also often appear cordial as they sang and it was recognized as a deepening of songs by both of them. Anang and Syahrini will also launch a mini duet album that contains their duet songs.

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  1. Anang Hermansyah,
    I learned from RCTI & SCTV of your conflict with Syarini. A man of your high standing as a musician should not reduce yourself to Syarini's level. She is no comparison at all. Let her say whatever she wants. As the Javanese saying "Ya kono, karep-karep mu"

    I don't have to advice you, but it would be better if you just continue your profession. The less you talk the better you will be.

    Eyang Salimi