Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Angelina Jolie Sexy Women Hot Actress Want Brad Pitt Surgical Face

Until recently, Brad Pitt is still considered by most women as one of the most handsome actor on earth, but not for Angelina Jolie. Some time ago, Angelina Jolie had asked Brad Pitt make surgical face.

As reported by ShowbizSpy, Wednesday (14/4/2010), Jolie appraise Pitt was not as handsome as ever. According to her, the appearance of the star of 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button' kept getting worse.

"Angie told Brad if he looked very bad and in need of radical change," said one relative of Jolie.

Women's 34-year-old who now feels less interested in it again with her partner. Today, Jolie is more looking at Pitt as a brother or a friend than a sex partner. Especially after Pitt grow his beard to cover up that deficiency.

"At first, Angie is not going to say, fear of hurting his feelings," she said.

Reportedly, Brad Pitt also intends to comply with a request Jolie. Pitt, who is now raising six children with Angelina Jolie wants to maintain their relationship.

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