Friday, April 23, 2010

Ari Lasso : Pregnant, BCL So Sexy

BCL singer never confirmed the news he was being incorporated in two body. But opponents duet BCL, singer Ari Lasso called his friend's more sexy when pregnant.

Ari and BCL duet on the show 'Mega Concert April Beautiful' at La Piazza, North Jakarta, Thursday (04/22/2010) night. Both the song 'Aku dan Dirimu'.

"The song does not need a motion. So she's a good fit even more sexy pregnant. Semok increasingly Javanese word," Ari said after the concert, Friday (04/23/2010).

According to Ari, it sounds BCL more powerful after two bodies.

"Not to praise, even different practice time this afternoon. Well now (show time) Bunga improve her song so much more cool. Possibly because pregnant so energy became again two," he said.

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