Friday, April 30, 2010

Cathy Sharon VJ Profil Biography Sexy Body Women Star Model Artist Hot Foto Video Picture

Biodata Cathy Sharon VJ MTV, profil and biography sexy woman model hot artist Indonesia :
Full name : Catherine Sharon Gasnier
Nick name/celeb name : Cathy Sharon
Sex : Female
Place of birth : Jakarta, Indonesia
Date of birth : October 08, 1982

Cathy Sharon is a Video Jockey (VJ), MTV Indonesia, and also acting star. Cathy French descent born in Jakarta, October 8, 1982.

VJ Cathy, so called, before wrestling in the world of acting and presenter, first career as a star model. While her debut on the big screen through a horror movie film “ BANGKU KOSONG” directed a director Helfi Ch. Kardit.

Besides a complete woman named Catherine Sharon Gasnier is also the older sister of teen acting star Julie Estelle ever also support the sinetron CEWEK PENAKLUK.

In private life, Cathy had a relationship with Eno Netral, but the relationship foundered. This Playlist presenter had also reportedly close to Ridho Irama or Ridho Rhoma, but Cathy was denied. She expressed admiration only for the son Rhoma Irama.

Rumors of its proximity to Ridho had been prolonged. But after a year later came the photo that shows the proximity of this Playlist presenter with the Rhoma Irama, which is none other than the father of Ridho. Cathy was reportedly approached by the family Ridho. Not only that, there are also photos that show familiarity Cathy and Ridho.

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