Thursday, April 29, 2010

Coboys In Paradise Hot Film Documentary Gigolo Bali Foto Picture Video Bugil

The film Gigolo Bali Cowboys In Paradise, a documentary film which lasted two minutes more it was drawn protests from the Society of Kuta, Bali, the film was indeed talking about a gigolo or entertainer male to woman in Kuta Beach who is now circulating on the internet that could have been witnessed in video downloads site

Residents and community leaders of Bali strongly deplores the documentary film about life on the gigolo raised peddling sex for the tourists who come to Kuta, Bali. Balinese people say what is disclosed in these documentaries film is not true although there is gigolo phenomenon in Kuta. They said the film did not depict the actual tourist area of Kuta.

The community leaders of Kuta Made Suparta Karang said, the film was to discredit community who had always known Kuta with hospitality. According to him, this time of Kuta has been very heterogeneous, because inhabited by foreigners or natives. Made Juliadi protests also submitted a liquor merchant in Kuta Beach.

According to him, Kuta is famous for its sunset, white sand, surf and culture. Therefore, he states did not agree on a story in the film. "Not all tourists coming to Kuta to find sex," he said.

Hot Video Coboys In Paradise Bali Gigolo

Documentary film footage Cowboys in Paradise / gigolo Kuta opens with an introductory greeting picture of a grown man in Kuta Beach. In addition to an introductory greeting, the man had long hair and bespectacled it also offers his services to accompany a women from overseas tourists during the holiday in Bali.

In film footage of other Cowboys in Paradise, the internet users also can watch the various activities of adult male and female foreign tourists in Kuta Beach. Samples also display pieces of several interviews that explore the gigolo world in the area of Kuta Beach.

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