Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Flight Sexy Attendant Air Comet Salary Protest with Nude Hot Foto Calender

Unique ways do the flight attendant for Air Comet demonstrations demanding their salaries unpaid for nine months the company. As a form of disappointment, they posed sexy for the calendar section.

These employees deliberately posed sexy with the background of the aircraft in order to attract the attention of corporate leaders who manage Air Comet.

This splashy action got attention of the Spanish mass media. Action fantastic employees this who also graced the pages of local newspapers. In that action, some flight attendants who became the model appears very attractive, even provocative.

'We asked for clarification of our rights have not been paid for 8-9 months,' said Adriana Ricardo who have appeared with the sexy photo.

Air Comet is a company owned by Gerardo Ferran. The company went bankrupt after the British courts impose sanctions ban the nine planes flying at the request of the bank of German HSH Nordbank.

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