Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gary Iskak Want His Son was Named Muhammad

Gary Iskak could not contain his joy when Richa Novischa gave birth to his son. Gary also wants his third child was named Muhammad.

Up to now the name of a tiny baby weighing 3.28 kg and height of 48 cm was not yet known. Families wait for Gary to announce the name.

The name of the baby who was born on Monday (19.4.2010) was the result of contributions from many people. Gary also asked for the name Muhammad is included.

"He (Gary) who give name. Icha also prepare name also. Gary wants to have the name of Muhammad because of present his father's name. The family also donated a well," said Rani Sumiyati, mother Richa, met in RS Azra, Bogor, West Java, Wednesday (21/4/2010).

Name of first son Gary with Sabrina R. Bonita also contain the name of Muhammad, that Muhammad Azriel Gamitza Iskak. Star movies film 'd'Bijis' it also has a daughter named Rabiya Putri Syah outcome relationship without being married to Ima Risma.

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