Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kate Gosselin Regrets Having Spoken Harshly to Her Ex-Husband

Kate Gosselin has confessed that she regrets having spoken too harshly to her ex husband and other people. This, she says has been her realization after her nearly year long bitter divorce.

“I learned that in the heat of the moment I have a sharp tongue, and looking back there are probably a lot of people that I love that I probably spoke to inappropriately,” she told Meredith Vieira on TODAY. She has also shared in her book that “Much of what I said to Jon was unwarranted. I could have guarded my tongue better.”

The 35 year old mother of eight children countered her ex husband’s claim of being an “absentee mom” by saying that being a single mom made her work longer hours.

Her husband, Jon Gosselin has filed for the custody of her children last week saying that Kate was abusive towards the children and doesn’t spend enough quality time with them.

The impetus for the lawsuit was Kate’s involvement with season 10 of “Dancing With the Stars,” which is taped in Los Angeles and requires her to fly back and forth between California and her Pennsylvania home, where her children live. She has claimed that till date the children have not shown any sign of distress on account of her highly publicized separation and custody battle. I don’t see anything negative they’ve taken from this,” she said. “If anything, I see the kids and I becoming much closer.”

Gosselin said that while the kids are still in the process of understanding the implications of divorce they are getting used to living with one parent at a time though they don’t like it. Incidentally Gosselin features in a new show called “Twist of Kate” where she travels round the country helping others deal with challenges at home and work. Though the show might just add fuel to the fire that she doesn’t give enough time to her children she says that she has written the book to tell her children that she actually does care for them.

For instance, she writes to her son Aiden, “I don’t possess the skills to father you, but I will do everything I can to show you the way.” She also says that she wrote the book to capture all the good memories before the marriage fell apart. Despite rumors to the contrary, Gosselin says she’ll walk away from “Dancing” with good memories as well though she has often been criticized for her poor dancing moves and that she is surprised that she was still on the show.

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