Wednesday, April 14, 2010

KD Broken Love with Raul Not So Difficult Divorce from Anang, Hot Foto Picture

Tempest in love Krisdayanti with Raul Lemos is not considered a serious problem. KD consider it a normal thing. For the singer from Malang, broken love wth Raul, it is not as heavy as dropped out of her problems when divorced from Anang Hermansyah.

"KD willing to succumb to this affair to be over with. If it's only normal thing that a breakup. The hardest for KD is when divorce Anang)," said lawyer and friend of KD, Elsie Lontoh reporters when met at the house KD, the Radio Dalam region, South Jakarta, Tuesday (13.4.2010) by midnight.

That night, Yuni Shara came to the house’s KD. KD's sister refused to comment, and went home leaving her sister's house at around 23:00 pm with car driving new Alphard Black.

Raul's wife, Shechah Salem Sagran aka Ata Lemos, policing Yuni Shara and Raul following the upheaval of a love triangle KD, Raul and Ata. Ata pointed Yuni and Raul doing libel and defamation related to statements of Yuni and confessions Raul about the status of entrepreneurs East Timor was a widower. KD's name did not exist in the report. But the singer "Menghitung Hari" that can be dragged and questioned by police.

Are Yuni Shara and KD night met to discuss the report Ata? Elsie denies this. Elsie said, the meeting was not to anticipate the report Ata. "We're not anticipating anything. Wait for it. We're not going to start the action. But if the name will be dragged KD, she's ready for it," explained Elsie.

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