Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kurt Cobain's Widow Get Rid of Robert Pattinson

Stars 'Twilight' Robert Pattinson never preached to play Kurt Cobain. However, the Nirvana Vocalist's widow, Courtney Love, denies this.

"Gossip is wrong," Courtney said as quoted by, Tuesday (20/4/2010). Courtney felt stupid when Kurt Cobain played by Kristen Stewart's boyfriend.

Now Courtney is still weighing the 2 names on to play her late husband Kurt Cobain in a biopic movie entitled 'All Apologies' it. Two of the actor that is Ryan Gosling and James McAvoy. Ryan was famous through the film The Notebook, while McAvoy through the film Wanted.

When the actor Kurt Cobain is not clear, Courtney actor in the film have been found. Women's full name Courtney Michelle Harrison was agreed when she was in the movie starring Scarlet Johansson.

'All Apologies' will feature the band Nirvana's early career, as long as Seattle, United States, until Kurt decided to commit suicide in 1994. Unfortunately, until now there is no information when the film will be released.

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