Friday, April 16, 2010

Larry King Ready Divorce For the 8th Time

Los Angeles - Larry King, CNN talk show host and his wife Shawn Engemann Southwick who have formed a household for 12 years finally decided to divorce. This is the eighth divorce for Larry.

As quoted from CNN, Friday (16/4/2010), Larry and Shawn had already filed their divorce to the superior court in Los Angeles. But it seems their divorce process will walk difficult.

Until now, there is no agreement about their parenting child. Emmy Award-winning it wants to share custody, but Shwan asked that she became the holder of the sole custody of two of their sons, Chance and Canon.

"Larry's main concentration is about children and other questions, he was no comment," said spokesman Larry in a written statement.

Larry King is married to Shawn Engemann Southwick on 5 September 1997. Previously, Larry was married seven times.

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