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Nirina Zubir Profile Biography Sexy Cute Women Artist Hot Presenter Foto Video Bugil

Biodata Nirina Zubir, profil and biography sexy women cute hot presenter of Indonesia :
Full name : Nirina Raudatul Jannah Zubir
Nick name/celeb name : Nirina Zubir
Sex : Female
Religion : Islam
Place of birth : Madagascar
Date of birth : March 12, 1980

Nirina Zubir has real name Nirina Raudatul Jannah Zubir, born in Madagascar, March 12, 1980, known as a presenter and film stars.

The owner was the smile off has also been a VJ MTV Indonesia for several years before then expanded in the acting world.

The film debut titled 30 HARI MENCARI CINTA, where she successfully played a character Gwen. The second film titled MIRROR (2005), following the next movie BELAHAN JIWA (2006). In the film psycological-thriller this, Nirina role as Baby Blue that has traumatized by the death of her twin sister, Baby Pink.

Nirina film titled HEART, was released May 11, 2006, in the film itself as well as its soundtrack filled with songs Today, Tomorrow and beyond. Through the film production of PT Kharisma Starvision Plus also, ex-boyfriend sinetron player Ferry Ardiansyah this gets gift as Pemeran Utama Wanita Terbaik FFI 2006.

In 2007, Nirina starred the film KAMULAH SATU-SATUNYA directed Hanung Bramantyo. Back with Hanung, Nirina starred the film Get Married (2008), which then took herself as Pemeran Utama Wanita Terfavorit Movie Award 2008 version.

Related to her private life, now Nirina close relationship with Ernest, guitarist Cokelat Band. Interwoven love between Nirina and Ernest began to step into a more serious level. On 9 November 2008, Ernest came with his family to apply for Nirina.

On April 5, 2009, Nirina officially removing the bachelor with married by a Cokelat band personel, Ernest. Although pregnant, Nirina still trying to do their obligations, ie, completing the film Get Married 2.

Happiness Nirina increases when she gave birth of her first daughter, Zivara Ruciragati Syarif on February 6, 2010, at 07:09 am weighing 3.4 kg and length 48 cm at Harapan Kita Hospital, West Jakarta. Nirina initially wanted to give birth on February 10, but because there myom in the womb, it was decided to be accelerated through a caesarean birth.

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