Friday, April 23, 2010

Once : Art Not There In the RBT-Ring Back Tone

Jakarta - After playback, the music industry is now crowded controversy Ring Back Tone (RBT). RBT positive side, can not be denied that the singer has made a revenue bubble. But the negatives, lack of artistic value in the RBT.

"Because RBT also no hijacking. But artistically art there is not in the RBT," said Once after 'Mega Concert April Beautiful' at La Piazza, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta, Friday (23/4/2010) early days.

The vocalist of Dewa 19 band acknowledge the positive side of RBT. Once said, the sale of songs through the RBT has shown the music world today is very dynamic. The label is no longer the dominant influence consumers.

Who has power is the holder of HP because the influence is RBT. One the good side, but musical ability is reduced," says Once.

Singer "Dealova" hopes appear new waves in the music industry. In the new wave, it would appear the generation that not only pursuing of material.

"The generation is that positive for the music and offers a different. No hold on to holders of HP," said singer Dealova it.

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