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Ridho Rhoma Profil Biography Sexy Macho Man Son of King Dangdut Hot Artist Foto Video Picture

Biodata Ridho Rhoma , profil and biography sexy man singer dangdut music hot artist Indonesia :
Full name : Muhammad Ridho Irama
Nick name/celeb name : Ridho Rhoma
Sex : Male
Religion : Islam
Place of birth : Jakarta, Indonesia
Date of birth : January 14, 1989

Muhammad Ridho Irama or better known as Ridho Rhoma is the youngest child of King Dangdut Indonesian, Rhoma Irama with wife Marwah Ali.

Apparently Ridho will follow his father footsteps to take part as a singer dangdut. Currently Ridho, who was born in Jakarta, January 14, 1989 was introduced in the Indonesian dangdut community.

In the event the 2009 new year ago, the father, Rhoma invite Ridho to appear on stage together with bands dangdut Soneta.

Ridho has fallen love with dangdut music since childhood, and from the junior class three has risen stage dangdut accompany his father.

For different packing dangdut music, Ridho forming group band dangdut, SONET 2, and started to launch the debut dangdut album Menunggumu on January 22, 2009. On the first debut album, Ridho choose single songs Menunggumu and was followed by songs Kerinduan.

Together with the SONET 2, Ridho carry dangdut pop music. In this album, the involvement of the King Dangdut is still quite large.

Although relatively new in the world of music, but the gait Ridho with the Sonet 2 band on a path dangdut music calculated proper. This is evident from the prestigious awards that he received as a Solo Artist Female / Male / Duo / Best Dangdut Anugerah Musik Indonesia 2009 event through the song Menunggumu.

In personal relationships, Ridho reportedly close to the pretty presenter Cathy Sharon . Though experiencing indisputable, but in mid-October 2009 show photos that show of affection Ridho and Cathy. Even Cathy also seemed familiar with Ridho’s father, Rhoma.

Coming to close the year 2009, Ridho concert with SONET 2 had banned when going on stage in Pamekasan, Madura. Ridho concert on the grounds it may invite the sinners are forced to cancel concerts.

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