Friday, April 16, 2010

Ringo Starr Beatles Drummer Reject Vatican Forgiveness

John Lennon once declared The Beatles more than Jesus. It's the statement released in 1966, The Vatican had accused John Lennon Cs are adherents of Satan. Now, the Vatican had forgiven them. But strangely Ringo Starr is refusing forgiveness.

The Beatles drummer had confused the Vatican gave the word apology after calling a follower of Satan. "I think the Vatican is more talkative than The Beatles," Ringo said 69-year-old now, as reported from Contact Music, Friday (16/4/2010)

On 12 April, L'Osservatore Romano, official Vatican newspaper praised the music band from Liverpool, England. After feuding for 34 years, the Vatican was considered the Beatles as a phenomenon in the history of pop music.

"Their beautiful melodies has changed of pop music and still gives us emotions," writing in L'Osservatore Romano article.

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