Monday, April 26, 2010

Tina Talisa Sexy Women Presenter TVOne Hot Artist Foto Video Bugil in Facebook?

Biodata Tina Talisa, profile and biography sexy women hot presenter TVOne in Indonesia :
Full name : Tina Talisa
Nick name/celeb name : Tina Talisa
Sex : Female
Place of birth : Bandung, West Java, Indonesia
Date of birth : Desember 24, 1979

An account on Facebook, called 'Enthusiasts TVOne Presenter Tina Talisa', suddenly crowded visited. Apparently, there was a picture similar to the female presenters on television, in the position without clothes on display in that account.

Photos women posing like Tina was lying on the bed. Unmitigated there are six nude photos of fans mounted on the account of Tina.

These Facebook directly become top. The number of visitors who access this account, until this story down to 18 567 fans.

Sixth poster is a photograph of other Facebook users, in the name of Dewi Rusmini. Not clear who this Dewi, but her account picture burly bodybuilder tub, with the head of a woman. Various comments of fans continue to flood the Facebook account presenters 'Apa Kabar Indonesia Malam' on TVOne it.

Tina Talisa was born in Bandung, West Java, December 24, 1979 is an emcee Indonesian nationals. Previously she had worked as a dentist and a graduate of Faculty of Dentistry, Padjadjaran University, Bandung in 2001.

She is also a former Puteri Indonesia 2003 finalist, winner of first ancestors of West Java in 2003, and won first ancestors of Bandung in 2002, is a career as a newcaster, originated from her interest in the broadcasting world while working in Radio Paramuda and Radio Mustika. Tina is always present every afternoon in the Evening Reporting, in Trans TV news program.

In June 2007, moved to Lativi that since the year 2008 was turned into a TV station with a focus on news and sports with a TV ONE as assistant producer and news presenter. Now, she is the host of the program Apa Kabar Indonesia Malam broadcast at Wisma Nusantara, Bundaran Hotel Indonesia area. Tina Talisa now lectures in the Masters Program in Communication Studies at the Faculty of Communication University of Padjadjaran, Bandung.

Tina Talisa is a daughter in law of the Minister PPN / Head of Bappenas Kabinet Indonesia BersatuVolume I, Paskah Suzetta.

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  1. duh wong siji iki...cek ayune rek!! smart, sexy, biutiful...wis kabeh pokok'e...

  2. m'ba tina kamu makin hari koq makin cantik aja... hayo maju trus untuk berikan info yg bermanfaat untuk masyarakat indonesia... i like u..