Monday, April 26, 2010

Zahia Dehar Sexy Girl Underage Hired Franck Ribery, Karim Benzene and Sidney Goyou French Soccer Stars Hot Foto Video Bugil

Biodata Zahia Dehar, profile and biography a hot sexy girl underage prostitution scandal with French soccer stars :
Full name : Zahia Dehar
Nick name : Zahia Dehar
Sex : Female
Descendants : France - Morocco
Age : 18 years

France had recently made a scene with the news of the players who perform sex party with a young girl who was underage. Franck Ribery, Karim Benzema and Sidney Govou was called the three players who hires Zahia Dehar are now aged 18 years.

In France, prostitution was legalized, but will face jail for three years if done by teenagers under age (18 years).

Zahia explained, the three players are treated with "respect."

Ribery even flew Zahia a French-Moroccan-blooded to Germany to accompany him to face competition Bundesliga with Bayern Muenchen.

That said, Zahia paid 2000 pounds (Rp 26 million) each time the ML with the players.

Zahia now lives in Paris, and reportedly had time to celebrate the birthday-18 along with Ribery, several months after their relationship began. Ribery, France's best players own to the court said he had seen her in recent months in the year 2009.

Dehar own work as prostitutes, in March 2008 and could get 20 thousand pounds (Rp 260 million) a month. Typically her clients are a special group, especially football players who have a lot of money, a pocket thickness.

If convicted, Ribery who embraced Islam now threatened punishment of three years in prison and fines of more than 40 thousand pounds (Rp 520 million).

"Judge Andre Dando still has not decided whether Ribery could be snared, but it is still possible," said the source of the jury in Paris. "Ribery admitted he had sex with the girl in the last few months, but has denied knowing if the girl was underage. He could be in serious trouble at the worst possible throughout his career, "added the source.

Ribery himself has a wife who was a descendant of Morocco as well as Zahia named Wahiba. Even Ribery moved beliefs into Islam before marrying Wahiba who now give him two daughters Hizya and Shahinez. Ribery add the name of "Hilal" after converting to Islam.


  1. I'm sorry reader, in the title not Sidney Goyou but that true is Sidney Govou. Ok, happy reading..

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