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Adly Fairuz Profile Biography Sexy Man Sinetron Actor and Pop Singer Hot Artist Foto Video Picture

Biodata Adly Fairuz, profil and biography sexy man pop music singer hot artist of Indonesia :
Full name : Ahmad Adly Fairuz
Nick name/celeb name : Adly Fairuz
Sex : Male
Religion : Islam
Place of birth : Jakarta, Indonesia
Date of birth : April 14, 1987

Ahmad Adly Fairuz is known by the name of Adly Fairuz skyrocketed thanks to CINTA FITRI soap operas. Now not only as a sinetron player, Adly also known as a singer thanks to reality shows Supermama Selebconcert. In that event, Adly and Mama Lutfiah had defeated Indra L Bruggman – Mama Mimi and Yadi Sembako - Mama Suhana.

Indeed music is not alien to Adly because since childhood he has been playing music with his friends. Even now Adly incorporated in a band, The Adly's Band with Firman (guitar), Fuse (bass) and Aries (drums).

Men born in Jakarta, 14 April 1987, become a soap star originated from accidental. At that time the couple's son, H. Agus Irianto and Hj. Lutfiah this drove one of his brothers for casting. Not only his brother, Adly had offered to come and managed to escape.

Luck accompany the eldest of five siblings. After playing in his first FTV, TEMAN SAHABAT CINTA, Adly often got an offer to play soap operas, among others, TIKUS KUCING MENCARI CINTA and MILIADER GESER PAGER.

Until finally got the role of Aldo in CINTA FITRI who raised his name. Not only that, CINTA FITRI also brings Adly with Shireen Sungkar which has become his lover.

Not only the success CINTA FITRI and CINTA FITRI season 2, but also Adly music career more shine. Single The Adly's Band titled Maafkan Cinta will soon be released with their first debut album.

Under the label Nagaswara, Adly with the band The Adlys launches debut album, with the title PERJALANAN HIDUP. Two songs are in there in this debut album, entered into movie soundtrack COBLOS CINTA, namely the song Kemenangan and Let It Flow.

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